Complete data protection for all devices in your company

If you need a reliable and unmatched data protection for workstations and servers, the Xopero backup is the perfect solution for your business.

Backup across all your endpoints and servers


Ensure continuous protection of valuable data on all laptops in your company.


Provide the maximum level of data security and minimize the downtime of your devices.


Ensure the instant recovery of critical data in your company.

Key product features

Explore the most important features of applications installed on your devices.

Local data backup

Xopero will secure all the important data stored on your endpoints and servers.

Backup scheduler

Set the exact date and time of your backups.

Data encryption

Each file is encrypted by AES 256 algorithm before it will sent from your device.

Incremental & differential

By transmitting only the changed file blocks, our solution saves time of performing backups.

Data deduplication

Deduplication lets us save storage and backup time because we don't send the same files twice.

Easy mass deployment

Using Active Directory and GPO you can remotely install Xopero on all your devices.

Advanced backup

Xopero secures all your data, such as: databases, email accounts, system state or network drives.

Data compression

Deep compression of each file, before sending it, optimizes backup performance and storage utilization.

Data retention

Thanks to retention feature, our solution allows you to keep backed up files as long as you need.


You can easily and quickly restore previous version of the work on the file. You decide how many version are kept.

Powerful and fast backup

You can easily and quickly restore previous version of the file. You decide how many versions are stored on your QNAP.


Synchronize your data across all your devices on which Xopero is installed.

Protect your servers

Backup and restore the files, databases, e-mail accounts, virtual environments and mailbox files without stopping the server.

  • Microsoft SQL database
  • PostgreSQL database
  • MySQL database
  • VMware virtual environments
  • Microsoft Hyper-V backup
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft System State & VHD backup

Reliable backup solution

With Xopero backup appliance, arisen by combining QNAP NAS with Xopero backup software, you will quickly get rid of the problem of securing critical data in your company.

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