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What is Xopero Free Forever?

Xopero XSP

You generate hundreds of megabytes of crucial information every year. What happens if that data gets lost or damaged by malware attack? What business opportunities or personal files will vanish?

Back up everything that matters with Xopero and see the difference our backup solution makes. Rest easy that no matter what happens, you can recover your important data in minutes, right off your trusty QNAP.

Better than just storage


You probably know that your QNAP can store files from your computer without a software like Xopero. But what Xopero takes that to the next level: it’s bringing enterprise-class backup software features such as instant recovery and simple central management to tens of thousands of businesses just like yours all around the world.

Securing your data – it’s easier than you think


Install Xopero Free Forever


Configure Xopero once


That’s it! We handle the rest

Key features

Complete device backup

Comprehensive protection up to 3 devices

Smart Recovery

Launch a virtual instance of your backed up device from your QNAP instantly

Simple restores & data migration

Recover lost data with a click. You have enough on your mind; no need to worry

Bulletproof security

AES 256 encryption guarantees
no one can access your data

Manage from your QNAP

Manage all your backups with our Management Center application

Your complete backup solution

Xopero combines safe data storage, automatic backup and central management

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