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Is your business save?

Choosing Xopero Cloud lets you sleep soundly in the knowledge that your entire business environment is protected. Our proven and comprehensive backup systems can get your business back online within minutes – even in the event of a large system failure.

Xopero offers comprehensive data protection: from a single laptop or smartphone, through to servers, databases, mailboxes and virtual machines.

The fast and reliable online backup solution

Available anywhere – there when you need it most


100 + PBs

of data protected


Every 8 min.

a backup completed


Over 1000

companies have trusted us


Over 50000

users protected

What is Xopero Cloud

An advanced online backup solution

Xopero Cloud allows the protection of unlimited computers, mobile devices, databases and physical and virtual environments.

Reliable backup to the cloud

Once installed it becomes a complete solution for protecting critical files, allowing you to completely manage your backup processes and monitor and validate their accuracy. Xopero Cloud’s simple set-up means you can create a safe backup environment within your organisation in just a few minutes.

Why choose Xopero Cloud?

Protect multiple devices

Backup all your business data – including data stored on mobile devices and tablets

Simple data migration

Fast and seamless data migration

Central management

Sophisticated management tools that let you control all your backup tasks


AES 256 encryption guarantees no-one can access your data without permission


Secure data synchronisation, with advanced tools for accessing and sharing your data


Long-term data storage and archiving using twin locations for greater security

Centrally manage all your backups

Comprehensive business protection

Xopero Cloud has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of SMBs and large corporations. It offers business continuity and comprehensive data protection through the backup and restoration of: files & folders, endpoints, servers, databases, mailboxes, MS Exchange, System State data, Network Locations and virtual environment.
Disaster Recovery has never been so simple.

Maximum protection of the whole business environment


Endpoint backup

Migration of critical data to endpoints is increasingly common. We store more and more of our business data on computers, laptops and even smartphones. Professional endpoint backup is therefore essential to providing true protection against data loss. Xopero helps you avoid the disruption and costs of data loss and ensures your business continuity.

Server backup

Restoring data from a server failure can be a long and difficult process... But it doesn’t have to be – Xopero offers comprehensive server protection: server backup, database backup, mailbox backup and much more. In the event of a disaster you can be back up and running within minutes.


Virtual machines backup

Xopero lets you easily backup all your virtual machines from VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments. Should disaster strike, you can easily restore it on any virtual or physical machine (BMR).

Synchronise, Share and Access

Our Briefcase application lets you synchronise data simply and securely between different devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
When you add, edit or delete files in your Briefcase, your changes will be automatically replicated on all your devices with the application installed.

Secure Data Center

Your data will be stored in our secure data centres - located in the USA, Germany and Poland.

All data centres are purpose-built and located in areas with infrastructure designed to support leading technology companies.

Our facilities feature:
Secure biometric and key card access, two independent server locations
UPS redundancy and emergency generators

This enables us to offer highly available, resilient, cost efficient and secure interconnected cloud environments to store your data.

Who can benefit from Xopero Cloud?

Xopero Cloud is a technologically advanced business-class solution, designed for SMB and large corporations.

Protect your valuable data


as low as $6.60 / per month

Starter 100 GB
unlimited endpoint protection
simple management of backup policies
flexible licensing models
extra storage


as low as $14 / per month

Starter 100 GB
unlimited protection of all business environment
simple management of backup policies
flexible licensing models
extra storage

Specification & Supported Systems

Client Application and Management Center

Windows operating system

  • Windows Vista SP2
  • Windows 7 SP2
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

Hardware requirements

  • Dual-core processor (recommended) - Intel or AMD
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)

Additional software

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010


Operating system

  • Any with the JAVA virtual machine preinstalled

Hardware requirements

  • Dual-core processor (recommended) - Intel or AMD
  • 2 GB RAM

Additional software

  • Java 1.5 and above