Firebird Backup & Restore

Simply backup Firebird databases with Xopero Backup Appliance.

  • Backup Firebird database from thelocal server or directly from file
  • Perform online backup of Firebird while your database server is running
  • Support of differential and incremental backups of Firebird database
  • Schedule Firebird database backup and make it safe
  • High compression of Firebird database helps to save storage
  • Customizable settings of Firebird data retention
Firebird database backup

Benefits of Xopero Firebird Backup

Supported Firebird versions

Xopero Appliance supports Firebierd database versions from 1.5.6 up to 2.5.


All data is encrypted on your local machine by AES 256-bit algorithm.


99.9997% backup and 100% recovery reliability

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