Hyper-V Server Backup & Recovery

Xopero Backup Appliance protects your Hyper-V virtual machines and recover them easily.

  • Single machine backup
    Select which machines have to be protected by Xopero.
  • Hot backups
    Backup online the Hyper-V machine with no downtime, during its work.
  • Differential and incremental
    Xopero sends only changed elements of Hyper-V virtual machine in order to save storage.
  • Compression
    Each virtual machine is compressed before sending - it allows Xopero to save time and storage space.
  • It's easy
    Xopero automatically connects to Hyper-V server and displays all machines. Just select machines you want and start protecting them!
  • Automatic backup
    Select when and how often Xopero has to backup your Hyper-V machines - backup will be done automatically.

Protect your virtual environment


All data is encrypted on your local machine by AES 256-bit algorithm.


Network usage optimization and advanced data compression

  • Engineer-level 24x7
  • Active Monitoring and live email/phone support
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