Xopero QNAP Appliance launch in Australia

BlueChip Infotech to distribute best business continuity solution for QNAP NAS

Sydney, 15 February 2017 Bluechip Infotech, have been appointed by Xopero as a Distributor for backup solution products in Australia.

Managing Director Johnson Hsiung of Bluechip Infotech said: We are excited to partner with Xopero to strengthen our distribution offer. It isn’t common for servers to be equipped with perfectly matching and dedicated software. Xopero solution constitutes the only option on the market dedicated for QNAP servers, so we were very eager to begin this cooperation. Such compatible solutions have numerous advantages and they facilitate the creation of distribution offer as they are useful in the cost optimization process, so important for each type of enterprise. In addition, solutions of this kind are exceptionally user-friendly and they reduce software installation time. Knowing Xopero advantages we couldn’t miss the chance to cooperate with them. We hope that it is going to develop further in the new year.

We have been observing the Australian market for some time. We have noticed a growing trend in the sales of more expensive QNAP models and we knew that we should seize this opportunity. Backup solutions sector has been expanding in Australia and it refers both to individual and soho customers as well as bigger companies. Since the beginning of cooperation we have been sure about its big potential. We are pleased to cooperate with an experienced distributor who knows the Australian market well. For us, this cooperation constitutes an important step in our development. In 2017, Australia will be the key sector of our activity, says Łukasz Jesis, Xopero Software CEO.

About Xopero

Software Xopero works, so you can too!

Xopero Software develops and produces a comprehensive range of professional tools for protecting and restoring critical business data. We are Europe’s leading provider of data backup solutions. Our offer includes: appliance backup, local backup, cloud backup, mobile backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. We understand how important our client’s data is to their business. We constantly develop and improve Xopero products to provide even better data protection, data security and business continuity. Our aim is to limit the risk of data loss and business downtime to zero. Our customers reflect a wide range of business sectors: small to medium-sized organisations, large companies, public administration, banking and finance, education, medicine, telecommunications and IT.

About BlueChip Infotech

Bluechip Infotech was established in 2001, focuses on delivering the latest IT products to a wide channel base while maintaining a dedicated commitment to first class service. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide we are able to back our commitment to service through localised support. The key to Bluechip’s success is in strategic implementation of the latest technology, broad access of IT channels and markets driven, highly motivated sales team. Thus they guarantee full comprehensive understanding of products and target markets allowing them to provide cost effective solutions to partners. The value is that they bring the Channel and Vendors together to provide solutions through cooperation. BlueChip Infotech is a continually evolving company that continues to work hard in its traditional distribution market to consolidate and improve its position, but one that is looking to develop new market and partnerships with customers and Vendors, locally and overseas to help growth and diversification.

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