Mobile backup by Xopero Software

We are all aware of the fact that day by day, our smartphones are becoming a vast collection of data. Important documents, photos, passwords – losing them may cause a lot of damage – when it comes both to our work phones as well as private ones. So why not to use the application ensuring reliable file protection?

Xopero Software – Polish manufacturer of backup solutions has presented a convenient method protecting mobile phones and tablets. This year, Xopero Cloud application in the version for iOS and Android has been launched. The manufacturer guarantees full functionality of the mobile version – we can create an encrypted backup copy of our contacts, messages, photos, audio or video files. In addition, our files are protected by the infallible AES 256 algorithm. Thanks to Xopero it is possible to restore files from devices using Android into iPhone and vice versa. What is also important, we have the access to backup copy data both from our smartphone as well as other devices, among others work laptop or home PC. We can also download it at any time.

For our clients, who chose our brand, we would like to ensure the access to high quality mobile backup on all devices. Not every manufacturer creates safe mobile version solutions, but in our opinion, we shouldn’t forget about this area – it is a huge segment on the rapidly developing market. All in all, smartphones more and more often serve as computers – their advanced versions accompany us on a daily basis, business people spend a lot of time travelling, taking part in business meetings and business trips and they have to be sure that their data is protected wherever they are and this is the task we have to fulfill”, said Łukasz Jesis, Xopero Software CEO.

Polish manufacturer, in order to satisfy current needs of business people and private clients, offers the abovementioned solution for free – it is the addition to Xopero Cloud and Xopero Cloud Personal solution. Big advantage of the application consists in the fact that we don’t have to buy any additional functionalities – the application is fully operational for all clients of Xopero cloud solutions. So while purchasing one solution, we can use it simultaneously on multiple devices and enjoy unlimited access to our data any time and wherever we are.

Łukasz Jesis adds: “For several years we have been cooperating with such foreign telecoms as T-Mobile and Orange. These are enterprise companies which appreciate reliability and establishing appropriate relationships. While creating software we would like to show that this is what characterizes our company. So we conduct market research and analyze the needs of our clients in order to search for the best solutions. And Xopero Mobile Protection is one of them.”

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