4 tips for selling backup quickly

“I don’t need backup”. How many times have you heard that before? Plenty? People make expensive mistakes, so it’s up to us to show them how important data really is. From time to time, everyone needs some helpful tips. With the right tool-box even the not data-safety-aware client can become your gold deal.

1. Prepare your customer, build the need.

  • Talk to your customer about importance of data security (there are plenty of topics to talk e.g. recently ransomware like wannacry and petya is a hot topic but also the device failure or human error are also a possible scenarios to touch).
  • Draw a negative scenario, make your customer think ‘what would happen if I lost this file’
  • Let him know that most of your other customers are protecting their data
  • Tell them that you are going to install software developed by company which protects tens of thousand small users of T-Mobile and Orange and many companies from SMB sector.

2. Open trial account for your customer

  • Help him or set the backup for him – e.g. his desktop every 15-30 mins (remember to set the device resources and broadband usage accordingly to your customer infrastructure capacity and keep in mind that first backup will take a while longer as it has to be full backup).
  • Let the backup work for few days.
  • Check the daily report and make sure that his backups are free from errors.

3. Talk to your customer after few days/week

  • Tell them that right now their files are safe.
  • Ask them again ‘what would happen if they lost their files.
  • Ask him what he thinks is the value of his data, and in case of data loss what sum would he be willing to spend to retrieve them back? So… why not spend a much smaller amount now and put them safe from any disaster?
  • Show it, make the simulation and restore the file.
  • Show them that you can restore the files remotely too, so they know that in case of any breakdown they can call you and you can help them.

4. Go to your reseller panel and activate the license!

That’s it. You’ve just successfully closed the sale.

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