Why modern endpoint backup saves business

Backing up and protecting business data is a big deal in today’s corporate world. This is also a rising challenge due to employees mobility and data migration from data centers to endpoint devices. Yet many traditional backup solutions focus on server protection within a firewall, not taking into consideration rapid shift of data to the end-devices.

Even more, a large number of companies don’t have a comprehensive approach to data protection, and don’t know how hard data loss from unsecured endpoint devices could hit them.


Endpoint: an endpoint is any end user device (such as desktop, laptop or mobile)
in local or remote location, which is connected to the network.

Why it is important to secure endpoint devices?

We should start with determining first, what kind of information is stored on these devices? This is the fastest way to get an insight about the real value of data created and stored on endpoints. Most of this data – business&accounting documents, presentations, emails and apps – is difficult or even impossible to recreate from the scratch.

So why exactly the legacy solutions are not the best choice? Legacy solutions where designed for the highly predictive physical environments – server, database backup etc.) and perform poorly when confronted with endpoint environment that is highly changeable – hence the problems with remote device location, robust and business-scale data protection. That is the biggest difference with modern endpoint protection solutions, which are ground up for the mobile workforce to be lightweight, non-intrusive, and to offer great scalability.

What makes a good endpoint protection solution?

First of all each backup solution must bring the highest level of data security because it processes a lot of data, often sensitive. Files should be encrypted on the user side and transferred over as secure connection as in online banking – that’s the way in which Xopero works! Administrators and users must be sure that their data is properly backed up what is guaranteed by Xopero data consistency mechanisms. When backup is done Xopero checks if all data has been sent successfully moreover once at night it automatically checks entire data store for data consistency.

Xopero secures all valuable data from endpoints such as files and folders, emails or even entire HDD image.

It’s very important to make user and device management as easy and flexible as it is possible. Backup solution should let to create multiple users with different authentication data and assign devices to them. If we will take a look at Xopero it lets also to create different encryption keys for each users what increases security level – it’s much harder to break multiple encryption keys than only one. Xopero administrators can decide whether they give to the users application with or without graphical interface. In first case user is able to create their own backup policies and restore the data. The second case gives all control to the administrator who can remotely restore data or define backup policies. Thanks to Xopero backup templates administrator is able to define backup easily for multiple devices with just few clicks.

When we are considering about user management we should also keep in mind user management. Administrator must be sure that user is able only to perform permitted operations, e.g. very often they don’t want to give users possibility to edit backup sets or to restore data. In Xopero administrator easily can deny or permit user or user groups to:

  • manage backup policies,
  • restore the data,
  • manage encryption key,
  • manage application performance.

As it was mentioned in the introduction, endpoint devices could be placed also outside the company and they also should be covered with backup. Xopero makes it easy – just open ports on firewall or use existing VPN connection.

Backup agent cannot influence on user’s productivity what means that backup process should be unnoticable for the user even if its working on not so efficient computer. That’s how Xopero works! Moreover it is possible to define bandwidth usage, both backup and restore speed, number of cores used by application or even limit HDD usage by monitoring IO queue.

Backup without restore has no sense. Xopero makes possible to restore user’s data by administrators or on users own. Administrator can easily recover selected files or folders from any version to own computer or directly to the user’s device. Xopero client application is as easy in use that even non IT trained users are able to recover their data.

In summary the best backup solution must bring the highest level of data security, lets to easy manage multiple users and devices and be easy in use. That how Xopero is!