Xopero extends its disaster recovery technology

We just released an update for our two local backup solutions – Xopero Backup&Restore and Xopero QNAP Appliance. Recent months show that our company strongly focused on the disaster recovery technology development. The result of these works is the Xopero Image Tool, a well received free stand-alone application which allows fast image conversion to any other format supported by popular hypervisors like Hyper-V, VMware, Virtualbox and KVM (to learn more check this blog post). At the same time, our team also worked on expanding the core DR technology – Smart Recovery – to the Xopero Backup&Restore solution. And today only five weeks after the premiere of XIT, we release this awaited update. Let’s find out what changes the new Xopero 3.9.6 release brings.

Xopero Backup&Restore disaster recovery

Xopero unique disaster recovery technology (named Smart Recovery) was released about one year ago – and first have been available on Xopero QNAP Appliance. Now the producer extended this tech to its other local backup solution – the Xopero Backup&Restore. What does this mean in practice? From now on the virtualization of physical and virtual machines (disaster recovery after a failure) is much faster. Users can also restore and run machines directly on the Xopero server.

People which use Virtualbox will be especially pleased with the fact that Xopero enables now an automatic adaptation of the machine to the virtualizer, including drivers reset. In addition, the Virtualbox Extension Pack plug-in users can use the automatic RDP (remote desktop protocol) connection while the virtual machine is already running.

Extended use of HDD image backup images

Now users can quickly launch and run a VM image in any virtualizer. This became possible thanks to changes in the HDD image restoration process. The .vmdk files are now created with the machine image during the restore. Users can also access the backed up data through other tools that support this format – such as Virtualbox. A .vmdk metadata file added in this way also allows simple conversion and fast reversion to the format supported by the Xopero software – and thus the use of the full feature set provided by this platform.

Support for Firebird databases with GDB extension

From now on, users can use Xopero to secure the Firebird databases with this specific extension.

Improved import function for Hyper-V

Users can now import multiple Hyper-V machines at once – and the process itself runs at the virtualizer level.

Improved VM export

Xopero allows you to stop virtual machines export any time. Now if the user has chosen the wrong machine, he can finish exporting it with a snap of the finger.

What else?

  • full support for Windows Server 2016,
  • Xopero Image Tool as a integral part of Xopero QNAP Appliance and Xopero Backup & Restore packages,
  • Management Center installation outside the default installation directory location.
  • new incremental backup for Hyper-V.

The new version is available to download here.