Backup sales – best practices

You want to start backup sales but you’re not sure how to do it? Do you feel like sometimes you’re out of arguments and not able to convince customers that the solution you are proposing is exactly what they need? In this article, we will show you how to dispel customers’ concerns and point out that cloud backup and storage is something they need. Because it obviously is!

Backup sales – break the ice

If you are not sure how to start conversation about backup with the customer, try a proven method of showing statistics and describing negative consequences of not having a proper data protection solution. Let customer walk a mile in the shoes of the people in those statistics, make him imagine how it would impact him and his business.

Here you can find a few statistics useful for ice-breaking:

  • 45% of users loses data within a year. 
  • More than 60% of companies that lost their data goes bankrupt within 6 months since the breakdown. 
  • It takes from 8 to up to 20 working hours to restore data from the computer which was not backed up.
  • The average cost of restoring data encrypted by ransomware is 15 thousand per one computer (paid in bitcoins obviously!).

The right questions are they key to backup sales

Next, you should try to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes – try to find out as much as possible about his needs, infrastructure, number of employees and devices which need to be protected. Try to learn more about his motivation and doubts – this will help you understand customer better and choose the solution which will benefit both of you. By omitting this step, you lose a chance to gain valuable information which will make backup sales a success!

What questions you could ask your customer?

  • Does he want to store his data locally or in the cloud?
  • Can he give more details about his infrastructure?
  • Is there any sensitive data? How much of them does he want to secure? 
  • What are his expectations for the backup?

Debunk myths

“Backup in the cloud is not safe, expensive and slow” – believe us, we’ve heard this before and so will you. That is why it is important for you to find out how to debunk such myths. In the two articles below, you will find the most popular myths and information on how to debunk them successfully.

Cloud backup – myths busted! (part 1)
Cloud backup – myths busted! (part 2)

Ask first then contradict false beliefs

What to do if customer claims he doesn’t need backup because he already has Dropbox and Google Drive? Ask him questions which will make him see that data synchronization tools do not protect from data loss and consequences of computer failure. 

And what if he says that he doesn’t need backup because he keeps everything on external drive? Ask if he backed up his data lately, how does he protects his drive, or if he ever tried recover this data.

Find out what excuses are most common among customers, debunk them, and sell!

Recommend solutions

Remember that customers expect that you can properly advise them. It is most likely that customer is not sure which solution will be a best fit for his company and infrastructure. You must be well prepared and come up with the Xopero solution which is flexible, professional, safe, and suited for his infrastructure.