Monthly summary: Git Backup Guide / GitProtect beta tests

The first week of April is already behind us. It’s the final time to make some summary of our activities and special projects we have prepared for you last month.

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GIT Backup GUIDE: How to protect GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab

Code as Intellectual Property could be the most valuable asset within your business – you need to be sure it’s properly protected. As CTO, IT manager, software-house owner, or team leader – you probably can imagine how much it would cost you to lose the code your team has been working on for months…

How to protect your GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab repositories, servers, and metadata? Do you need a third-party backup solution? Is it even possible that an outage or any event of failure would ever happen to companies like GitHub or Atlassian? What should the Git backup strategy include? All the answers as well as recommendations for solutions empowering your security and productivity in GitHub and Bitbucket you will find in our brand new guide – “GIT Backup Guide: How to protect GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab data”. 

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GitProtect – GitHub and Bitbucket Backup – Join BETA TESTS

Join Beta Tests of GitProtect – #1 professional, manageable backup solution for GitHub, and Bitbucket. If your organization uses version control systems, you probably are aware that code as intellectual property is the most valuable asset inside your company – you and your team spent thousands of hours (and money) to write, support and improve projects. Make sure it’s recoverable and accessible. Join beta tests now and get access to extended trial, exclusive offers, special discounts, and much more. 

Try out our key features – very soon:

  • Backup GitHub and Bitbucket servers, repositories and metadata – local & cloud
  • Set it and forget it – backup code with every push or according to schedule
  • New repo? It will be automatically added to your backup plan (predefined or customized)
  • Keep data on-premise or in the cloud – choose your storage
  • Restore anywhere you need – to a repository or local device – 
  • Stay up to date with backup verification, advanced reporting, notifications, audit logs 
  • The #1 most user-friendly console and data-driven interface on the market.

Code peacefully – we’ve got your back(up).

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Xopero cited in major IT media

Last month insights and results of our survey on cybersecurity have been widely commented on in the most popular tech magazines and media again. We have been invited to local magazines, radio and podcasts.

Many issues in the area of security are treated marginally or even downplayed. A perfect example is employee training, which usually applies only to IT departments. This is a serious mistake. After all, today almost everyone uses a computer to work, not always knowing what threats may face. I believe that the lack of proper training reflects directly into the most common vector of ransomware infection, which is email phishing. Phishing, in turn, is nothing more than malicious email messages, in which criminals often impersonate a known entity or act on our emotions and induce us to take specific actions – download an attachment or click malicious links – comments Grzegorz Bąk, our Product Development Manager exclusively for Brief – a leading polish business and technology portal. 

We are very delighted that cybersecurity is becoming a more relevant subject of social discussions, and Xopero can contribute to shaping public opinion and educating businesses about data protection.