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Here in Poland, we apparently had one of the coldest May’s in the last 40 years! However, paradoxically, we have prepared some really HOT news from last month. Definitely, topic number 1 is – our brand new GitHub and Bitbucket repository and metadata backup software. This completely breakthrough product lets us believe we have a pretty big chance to become a market leader in the repository backup market. Check it out! – new brand, new website

If your organization uses GitHub or Bitbucket, you probably know that code as Intellectual Property is the most valuable asset inside your company – you and your team spent thousands of hours (and money) writing, supporting, and improving projects. Can you even imagine how much it would cost you to lose the code your team has been working on for months?

Forget this scenario – meet powered by Xopero ONE – first on the market, fully manageable, professional GitHub and Bitbucket backup and recovery software that protects repositories and metadata from any event of failure. Eliminate downtime, save time and money, have peace of mind…

Want to know more? Join our first webinar on the 16th of June at 10:00 am CET and see all the amazing features on yourself! Register now
In the meantime, check out our brand new website –

New authors of the blog

Speaking of, we couldn’t miss a new blog! You will find there a series of articles on protecting Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket (and soon also GitLab) infrastructures. We will answer the most common problems related to the administration and configuration of accounts and we will discuss the most interesting case studies and news related to the development of the product itself. Everyone will find interesting on this blog – we prepare our texts with CTO and management, IT administrators, developers, and people starting their adventure with the version control system and hosting platforms in mind. See the blog.

Our articles are created by specialists. Meet our new authors:

Tomasz Lisowski – developer, trainer, and Scrum Master. In the IT industry since 2014. Fan of agile methodologies, clean code, and knowledge sharing. His professional interests include Java and Git. Privately, a fan of cycling and computer games (more: Linkedin)

Michał Zbyl – he is proof that nothing recharges our batteries like positively crazy people among us. There are no impossible things for him – looking for solutions is something that drives him to act. He has experience as a back-end developer, front-end developer, 3rd support line, administrator, and IT systems integrator. In short: one-man band and a handyman in one person! 

World Password Day

On May 6, we celebrated World Password Day. In our social media, we encouraged you to celebrate this special day and suggested how to take care of your credentials on a daily basis. Here is a list of the most important tips:

  • Create a random, different, and strong password for every account
  • Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) everywhere it’s possible
  • Use some tools to check if your credentials haven’t been compromised (f.ex. and sign up for notifications
  • Use Password Managers…

…like Secure Password Manager in Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery. We made it FREE for all Xopero ONE users so you don’t have to memorize all the passwords and keys used within Xopero ONE (both internal and external) to feel safe! Store them and choose from one, secure place only when needed! Available soon! 

Media about us… as a new, groundbreaking project is so surprising that it has been considered a startup and listed in several startup listings. Also, magazine has published a detailed article about our brand new GitHub and Bitbucket backup project. Also, statistics and recommendations from our annual polish cybersecurity report have been cited by such titles as Computer World last month.