Make first steps to building a safe backup environment in your company

Control Panel is a center from which you can download all applications needed to begin the work with
Xopero backup appliance.

Everything under control

The panel ensures an easy and convenient start in use the software. All you have to do is just a logging via a web browser and download apps on to all computers or servers in the company.

Backup status

Easily monitor the status of all performed backups.

Application logs

Convenient access to application logs of all devices and users.


Complete and up to date information about the defined storage capacity and its used space.

Simple interface

The clear and intuitive interface simplifies getting started with the software.

License management

You can quickly check the information about your license and update it, in case it expires.

Data control

Monitor the number of files being uploaded the backup process, and the number of stored versions.

Download applications and monitor all backup processes!

Quickly adjust Xopero solution to work in the entire structure of any size company.

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