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Xopero Cloud Personal

Simple made advanced backup, so you can keep your data loss-free life.


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Protect your PC from data loss, data corruption and ransomware attack

Xopero Cloud Personal is a modern cloud backup solution with advanced sharing options. Whether you run a small business or just want to back up photos and videos from your summer vacation, we can protect all the precious data you have stored on computers and mobile devices.

Save your data from data loss


Accidental deletion

windows server

Hard drive Failure


System Crash


Device destruction


Malware attack




PC protection

Whether you run a small business or just want to back up photos and videos from your summer vacation, we can protect all the precious data you have stored on computers and mobile devices.

Files and folders backup

You can select individual files and folders or some specific location (like My documents or Desktop) when you don’t want a full image copy.

Automatic protection

All backups run in the background without affecting your computer’s performance.

Secure web access

Wherever you are, get a secure access to your AES 256 encrypted data using any web browser.


Simple data recovery

With the intuitive interface, simple backup configuration and the Briefcase application Xopero offers you a quick and easy way to ensure the safety of your data.

Simple restore

Take full control over the security of your data. Protect your computers, and smartphones.

Fast restore

In the event of data loss, you can easily recover whatever you need – from file and folders to whole Desktop or My documents.

Encrypted mobile backup

Create a secure backup of your contacts, multimedia, messages and more. You can also use Xopero backup to migrate contacts and calendars from one device to another.


Secure cloud

We take security of your data seriously. That’s why all our solutions use encryption, authentication and extra encryption keys to allow you the highest level of security.

Safe data centers

Our effficient data centers – in Europe, North America and Asia - offer highly available, resilient, cost efficient and secure interconnected cloud environments to store your data.

End-to-end protection

All your data is encrypted on your machine with AES 256 algorithm before being sent to backup destination. Then 128-bit SSL provides an additional level of security during the data transmission process.

Stronger encryption

Data is encrypted with AES 256 CBC - which is much safer than the regular AES 256 encryption. With AES 256 CBC every next block is is encrypted using data from the previous element – that same process occurs during decryption.

Control of authenticity and integrity

Xopero checks authenticity and integrity of the data - whether we are dealing with the original file and if the integrity of data is maintained after the restore is completed.

Protect mobile devices


What happens if your phone gets damaged or stolen and all your data will get lost too? We already know the answer. Better back up everything that matters with Xopero's best-in-class tools and create an encrypted backup of your contacts, messages, images, photos, music, video files and more.

Subscription-based licensing model

Prices starting at


39 USD

1 User | 1 Host
1 TB Storage


59 USD

1 User | 3 Host
1.5 TB Storage


99 USD

1 User | 5 Host
2 TB Storage

Xopero Cloud Personal

If you want to back up an unlimited number of computers servers, and virtual machines - check out Xopero Cloud for Business.

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