Smart protection of your mailbox and emails

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Mailbox protection with Xopero


Now using just one tool you can comprehensively secure mailbox and emails. With Xopero you can quickly back up and restore all your emails – even the deleted ones that ended in your recycle bin – contacts and account preferences. And it will take only few minutes.

How it works

  • Install Xopero on the computer that you intend to back up.
  • Automatically protect your mailbox.
  • Perform backup while doing your day-to-day work.
  • Restore your mailbox from up-to-date backup files.

Key features

Simple management

Select PST or OST* file and a temporary directory, which you will use to store restored emails. Create a new backup set next and that’s all.

Hot backup

You can perform backup on a working mailbox or client account.

Space-saving solution

While running backup we send only the changed file blocks to save your storage space. It’s also reduce the backup’s time, because that same version of a file will not be send twice.

Backup scheduler

You decide when and how often backups will be performed. All jobs are fully automated to meet your business needs and save us much time as possible.

End-to-end protection

Every block is encrypted by AES 256 CBC algorithm using data from the previous element – that same process occurs during decryption.


Xopero solutions utilize the latest technologies to optimize backup processes. - e.x. a network usage and advanced data compression.

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