Sync files the right way
- in the safest possible way

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Business daily use synchronization tools, which are one of the greatest benefits of the mobile revolution. Xopero Sync+ is a simple and secure solution for business collaboration that is going to make your team more productive without losing control over data.

Why it’s so unique

It’s the only tool on the market that allows an encrypted synchronization and data access. You can synchronize data between the specified directory on your computer, servers and other devices under one account. Simply add, edit or delete files from your Briefcase and on every device you will find the exact same set of documents, heavily protected.

Key features

Data at your fingertips

Secure collaboration with your team, customers and partners.

Easily accessible

Work with the device you have at hand: login via the application or through the web browser.

End-to-end protection

Every block is encrypted by AES 256 CBC algorithm using data from the previous element – that same process occurs during decryption.

Increase productivity

Work anytime and anywhere you need it. No matter if you are with your team in that same office or miles away - collaborate with ease.

Free from Legacy’s tech

Xopero Sync+ is a modern and extra secure replacement of legacy systems like FTP.

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