How to sell backup in one week with Xopero Cloud Management

„I don’t need backup”. You’ve heard this before? We did a lot, and by now we know that it is up to us and our partners to make our customers aware that their data is important. Based on our experience and Xopero Cloud Management insights we’ve prepared a short cheat sheet that will help you during your meetings with customers.

Our cheat sheet is extremely popular among our partners – those rules are working!

1. Prepare your customers, create their needs. What is the easiest way to do it?

  • Have a chat with your customer about the possible scenarios of data loss. There are so many topics to choose from, such as ransomware (Wannacry or Petya), unpredicted failures, or simply a common human error. 
  • Suggest customer a worst-case scenario where he loses all his data. Let him wonder „what if that happened to me?” 
  • Let the crowd psychology work – tell that most of your customers already protect their data.
  • Tell, that you want to test the software on his device – the same that is already protecting the users of such companies as T-mobile and Orange.

2. Create a trial account for the customer in Xopero Cloud Management

  • Help the customer or create a backup for him. Next, back up his desktop every 25-30 min. Remember to set the use of network and device resources adequately to customer’s infrastructure. The first full backup takes some time, but every other will be faster, as it will only add any changes (increments and differences).
  • Let the system work on a customer’s device for the next few days
  • You will receive daily reports, which will let you know how every backup proceeded. This will help you make sure that all the backups were completed properly.

3. Contact customer again in a few days since running the software

  • Assure the customer that you constantly monitored his backups and that his data is safe.
  • Ask your customer a few questions:

What would have happened if you would lose your data?
How much would it cost to restore the data? 
How much time your company wouldn’t be able to function if you couldn’t run your computer today?
How would you get back to work if there were no files or folders? 
And above all, what is the most important data on your laptop?

  • Run a simulation, and restore a few of the files that were backed up. 
  • Show the customer that he can restore those files on his own. Point out that you can also do that remotely from your office.

4. Finally, sign in to your Xopero Cloud Management account and activate the license sold to your customer!

That’s all. Congratulations! You’ve just closed a deal.

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