Bitbucket down – why backup Bitbucket?

Bitbucket is considered a proven, secure Git repository management solution used by millions of companies worldwide. However, as in most services, there are moments of Bitbucket down. You might be lucky to not see for yourself what Bitbucket down means, but trust me – some other companies already experienced service outages or other problems, and more will. If you don’t want to join a group of users affected by Bitbucket problems, you might want to consider bringing in an additional layer of security in the form of a proper backup. In this article, we will talk about why you need one, and generally about why you should protect your Bitbucket repositories.

Atlassian Shared Responsibility Model

Bitbucket, as all services included in Atlassian, operates in a Shared Responsibility Model. What does this mean exactly? Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Atlassian as a service provider makes sure that your data is available for you, whenever you need it. The transparency when it comes to security, new features, privacy, and compliance policies, are only a few things to make sure you can trust the company. Yet the main thing when it comes to SaaS models is availability. And in the shared responsibility model, this availability, and continuity of service is the main focus to develop trust in the service provider. 

In short: Atlassian handles security of the applications themselves, the systems they run on, and the environments those systems are hosted within. They ensure compliance with standards such as PCI DSS and SOC2. 

You, as a customer, manage the information within your accounts, the users, access to your data, and control what apps you install and trust. Finally, you are responsible for ensuring your company is meeting compliance requirements. 

Atlassian Shared Responsibility Model
Image: Atlassian Cloud Security Shared Responsibilities (Atlassian)

Well if something bad happens to the platform, a provider’s best interest is to make sure it won’t affect the service continuity. But many things are not of the responsibility of the provider but you, as a user. To your most important responsibilities belong data protection. On your side also lay the responsibility to make sure that your company meets the legal requirements, and other policies that may apply.

Accidental deletion, intentional deletion, ransomware, and many other threats can affect the data from the user side. And if something happens to your data you might not be able to recover it without a proper Bitbucket backup. 

It’s quite clear what responsibilities are yours, and what service provider’s. But why do you need to backup Bitbucket data?

Bitbucket down – Problem #1 – Human Error

One of the most common threats when it comes to IT security is human error – you probably know that. We should never underestimate human impact on our security system, especially when it comes to code as your intellectual property. What human errors can impact your Bitbucket account? Accidental deletion of branches, overwriting them, or intentional deletion made by trouble-making employee or ex-employee.

Bitbucket down – Problem #2 – Cyber Threats

Human error is not the only problem or Bitbucket down reason you should worry about. You should always be wary about the threat of cyberattacks, such as phishing attacks, which purpose is to steal your login credentials, and in the end, to gain access to your data. Other forms of attacks are ransomware attacks. Those viruses gain access to your data, and encrypt them, trying to gain some ransom for decrypting them. Do you see the problem if you don’t have any backup in the safe place? Well, we hope it’s obvious for you…

Bitbucket down – Problem #3 – Outages

But the list of problems doesn’t end here and can go on, and on. There were many reported times that BitBucked went down. That leaves companies without access to their code, and in conclusion without the ability to continue working on the projects. Without proper protection, your business might experience bigger and bigger costs of that outage. Let’s assume that Bitbucket is down during the critical launch window. Think about your business – how long will you be able to work without access to your Bitbucket data? How much such an outage will cost your company? Are you able to afford it?

Bitbucket down – Problem #4 – Software and Hardware Failures

Not only the human errors or cyberattacks can lead to losing access to your data. It can be also influenced by many kinds of hardware and software failures.

We have to remember that software and hardware failures can happen on the client-side, and if you don’t protect your data well enough, it all can be lost. Especially if you work with Git only on your own local server. 

Adding to the pile – problems with synchronization, saving repositories, downloading it, you can see a full range of issues that can slow down, postpone or disable the development process and expose your business to high financial loss. 

Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery for Bitbucket

You can see yourself that Bitbucket as a repository management service proved itself as a quite reliable solution, but it’s not bulletproof. That’s the reason why you should protect your Bitbucket repositories with a reliable backup, allowing your company to guarantee business continuity in case of a disaster or any event of failure. Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery now protects your Intellectual Property hide in repositories. Make sure your Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab servers, repositories, and metadata (including comments, requests, milestones, issues, releases, wikis & more) are fully protected – on-premise, or in the cloud. 

  • Any storage compatibility – keep your data safe on-premise or in the cloud (Azure, Amazon etc.)
  • Backup code with every push or according to your own backup schedule and plan – set it and forget it (it will add new repos automatically) 
  • Manage it all with the #1 most user-friendly console and data-driven interface on the market
  • Restore data to a repository or local device (anywhere you need) and  immediately get back to code
  • Flexible versioning and unlimited retention
  • Super-easy, data-driven interface #1 on the market!

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