GitProtect by Xopero ONE

The most professional DevOps backup

GitHub is down? Your team is dealing with prolonged Jira outrage? Automate GitLab, Bitbucket, GitHub, and Jira backup for the continuous software development.

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Don't waste time and money maintaining backup scripts

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Military-level security for compliance and shared responsibility needs

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Instantly recover repositories and metadata to eliminate downtime

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Use our or bring your storage - any S3 compatible cloud or on-premise

Protect your repos and data

GitHub backup

GitHub backup

Automatically backup and restore GitHub repositories with metadata, including issues, pull requests, actions, wiki, and more.

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Bitbucket backup

Bitbucket backup

Automatically backup and restore Bitbucket repositories with metadata, including issues, pull requests, pipelines, hooks, and more.

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GitLab backup

GitLab backup

Automatically backup and restore GitLab repositories with metadata, including issues, merge requests, hooks, keys, wiki and more.

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Jira backup

Jira backup

Automatically backup and restore Jira data including Projects, Issues, Roles, Workflow, Users, Boards, Comments, Attachments, and more.

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GITPROTECT Git backup for your repos & metadata

The professional, manageable GitHub backup and Bitbucket backup that brings you peace of mind and protects your source code, Intellectual Property, hours of work (and money) against any failure.

Simplified advanced backup

Backup git repository and metadata - set in minutes

Set it and forget it - simply add your GitHub or Bitbucket organization or log with your accounts, set a git backup plan, and schedule. New repo? It’s automatically added.

  • Backup GitHub and Bitbucket repositories & metadata - local & cloud
  • Including comments, requests, issues, milestones, releases, wikis & more
  • Predefined or customized git backup plans
  • Advanced backup schedule (or backup on demand)

Easy management and advanced monitoring...

...for your peace of mind. We keep you notified so you stay up to date with backup performance. Ensure data accessibility and recoverability and reduce administrative overhead.

  • Web-based central management console
  • Multi-level management (multiple organizations, admins)
  • Advanced audit logs
  • Reports, stats, and email notifications
Simplified advanced backup
Simplified advanced backup

Fast git restore and disaster recovery

Don’t rely on DIY scripts when it comes to git restore. Restore GitHub and Bitbucket data immediately - to the new repo, crossover, or on your local device.

  • Restore to the same or new repository
  • Restore on your local machine
  • Granular recovery - restore only chosen metadata
  • Cross-recovery for easy migration (from Bitbucket to GitHub and conversely)

The most professional GitHub backup and Bitbucket backup on the market

All advanced, enterprise-class features of Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery now let you protect your GitHub and Bitbucket repositories and metadata.

  • Security: AES encryption, Secure Password Manager, No SPoF
  • Full, incremental, and differential copies
  • Advanced retention, compression, git archive possibilities
  • Unlimited scalability - simply add new repositories
  • GFS and FIFO - advanced rotation schemes for efficiency
Simplified advanced backup

Backup storage?

Don’t invest in additional infrastructure - use yours

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Why backup repositories and metadata?

Your developers and even GitHub and Atlassian - failures and mistakes happen to everyone. That’s why GitHub and Atlassian recommend having additional, third-party backup software for data protection and legal / policy compliance.

Errors (human and hardware)

HEAD overwrite

Branch deletion

Service outages and bugs

Ransomware attacks

Shared responsibility models

Legal compliance

Over 100k protected organizations

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