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GitProtect powered by Xopero ONE

Code as Intellectual Property is the most valuable asset within your company. Make sure it’s secure and recoverable. Protect your Intellectual Property with the #1 professional, manageable backup solution for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.


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Why Backup Git?

When the service goes down...

Do you have house insurance? We bet everybody has. What about your Git service? It’s like home to your code, right? Programmers assume that if in Github, GitLab, or Bitbucket it’s automatically protected. But as with most services, there is a shared responsibility and keeping data safe is your duty. Just think about such situations…

Github, GitLab, Bitbucket service downtime
Human errors and branch deletion HEAD overwrite
Data sync issues Legal, industry, and compliance penalties
Malicious attacks Hardware errors
Simplified advanced backup


Backup solution programmers need

Automate code protection saves time spent on administration. And more importantly, Xopero GitBackup protects Intellectual Property - the most valuable company asset.

  • Up to 4x lower costs when an event of failure occurs
  • Backup verification, advanced reporting, notifications, audit logs - stay up to date
  • Facilitated archiving of unused repositories
  • Small investment as for peace of mind

... so here we go!

Release date: Q1 2021

Dedicated backup for
GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

Automate backup of your account, organization, repositories, and associated metadata whether you use GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. Take advantage of the most complete, professional yet affordable backup solution. Code peacefully knowing your Intellectual Property is protected and recoverable if needed.

  • Backup GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket servers, repos & metadata - local & cloud
  • Including comments, requests, issues, milestones, releases, wikis & more
  • Push, protect and forget - backup code with every push
  • New repo? It will be automatically added to your scheduled backup plan
  • Restore to a repository or local device - anywhere you need
Simplified advanced backup
Simplified advanced backup
Professional backup solution
every IT department needs

Enterprise-class features now protect your GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket services - forget about self-made scripts and DIY efforts. Set your backup plan - including data, storage, scheduler, or more advanced settings and make sure your data is accessible and recoverable from any point-in-time. Restore and get back to code immediately.

  • Keep data on-premise or in the cloud - Amazon, Azure, etc. - choose your storage
  • Predefined backup plans or advanced customization possibilities
  • Backup code with every push or according to schedule - just set it and forget it
  • Instant, stress-free recovery - get back to code immediately
  • The #1 most user-friendly console and data-driven interface on the market.
Simple, fast and easily
managed backup

Central web management console and the most user-friendly, data-driven interface makes managing backup policy fast, simple, and pleasant. Choose predefined backup plans or use advanced settings to have more control, boost backup execution, and reduce storage usage.

  • Backup compression - choose the preferred algorithm and level
  • Flexible versioning and unlimited retention
  • Advanced retention schemes - FIFO or GFS - choose yours
  • Unlimited scalability - simply add new repositories
  • Data-driven interface #1 on the market
Simplified advanced backup
Simplified advanced backup
Secure backup that
lets you code peacefully

Data gets lost or corrupted - you may think it doesn’t refer to GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket but it’s a service, not a fortress. Don’t keep your production environment in one location or rely on developers’ local devices… - protect your Git and metadata with the most professional, manageable, and secure backup on the market, and in the event of failure - go back to code immediately.

  • Backup encrypted with your own AES encrypted key - considered as impossible to break
  • Backup verification and email notifications - make sure it performs correctly
  • Cloud-native app and no single point of failure
  • Secure Password Manager and zero-knowledge encryption
  • Advanced reporting and audit logs - react immediately

Awards and references

2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
Ranking The best backup of 2018
Honorable mention Best in Cloud 2017 Secure cloud
Award Product of the Year 2017 Editor's choice
Finalist of 2016 Vademecum VAR-ów i integratorów Cloud Platform