Cloud backup – myths busted! (part 1)

While cloud computing (and cloud backup) still induces mixed feelings among entrepreneurs, companies are more eager to transfer their data to the cloud. According to Xopero Software research, 58,3% of entrepreneurs find it secure while still 41,7% of them, do not trust in the cloud.

Despite concerns, the cloud solutions market is steadily growing. According to IDC, 9 out of 10 companies use cloud computing solutions – among the most commonly used are e-mail, storage, synchronization, and sharing tools. There is still low usage of more advanced tools. However, its foreseen that by 2025, the businesses will put 60% of their data in the cloud. 

92% of companies admit that cloud facilitates everyday work. They appreciate it for, among others, automatization of many processes, availability and low costs. On the other hand, it arouses distrust. Are there any reasons for that? In this document, we will try to confront the most common myths about backup in the cloud with rational arguments. 

Myth #1 – Cloud backup is less secure

cloud backup is not less secure

This myth is rooted in the fear of transferring significant company data outside of its headquarters. Where will the data go? To the cloud? So where? The rational answer to this question can quickly dispel all fears.

Backup solutions producers use only trusted data centers which store client backups. Those data centers provide a complex and high level of security, confirmed by appropriate certificates and verified by regular audits. They have infrastructure adapted to the continuous operation of network devices and servers – appropriate interiors and buildings, power generators providing constant energy supply, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as well as air conditioning ensuring the right temperature, humidity and, cleanliness of indoor air. Everything is carefully designed and maintained by specialists. The implementation of such a level of security in a single enterprise is not unprofitable – it’s simply impossible.

Speaking of the security of Xopero solutions, it is impossible not to mention that before data is sent to the backup server in the cloud using 128-bit SSL certificate, so still at the user computer, they are encrypted with the AES 256 CBC algorithm, recognized as impossible to fractures (it is used, among others, by banks in the execution of payment transactions and the American National Security Agency). Further, the data is encrypted using a key known only to the client or a default key (stored on the backup vendor’s site). Theoretically and practically – if someone could even gain access to the server – the data will be useless to him. The decryption process takes place only on the user’s computer when restoring data.


High security standards, data encryption, appropriate infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring, teams of specialists, security audits and compliance with standards as well as certificates make these concerns unfounded.

Verdict: myth busted!

Myth #2  – Cloud backups are less available

cloud backups are not less available

Data centers are classified according to availability (TIER). Usually, they guarantee access to data at the level of 99,98% (TIER III) or 99.99 % (TIER IV) – it’s possible due to redundant server rooms, power and, cooling systems, multiple backbone network or internet provided by several operators. Can the data be more accessible? Can local storage give us more guarantee and certainty?

What about the situation of the event of failure or periodic maintenance of the data center? How will the availability of our data look like then?

Backups stored in the data center are repeatedly duplicated. They are stored not only on several disks and in several different machines, but also in more than one physical location. Most data centers have several locations, which additionally protects data against various random events, natural disasters (such as flood or fire), as well as temporary breakdowns or maintenance work. If they occur in one location, the customer can always download his data from the other.


Redundant infrastructure, multiple data duplication and nearly 100% data availability guarantee – do you need to know anything else?

Verdict: myth busted!

Myth #3 – Backup in the cloud is slow…

backup in the cloud is not slow

Backup in the cloud requires stable and fast internet connections. The speed of its performance depends on the speed of the Internet connection, and although the times of slow internet have gone forever, it is true that it performs a bit slower than local backup.

Entrepreneurs are sometimes afraid that the backup will affect the speed of the Internet – the Xopero Cloud solution allows such a backup configuration that use only part of the internet link, without limiting the bandwidth.


The fact that nowadays we watch TV series and HD movies online without hanging or buffering proves that data transmission through the Internet is not a problem at all. The dynamic improvements of Internet connections, new technologies and growing standards of mobile network (eg 5G) show us that it will be only better. Keep it in mind.

Verdict: over time, the myth loses its relevance, although we must admit that there is still a grain of truth in it.

Myth #4 – …so is recovery

data recovery is not slow too

Recovering data from backup in the cloud also requires stable and fast internet connections. However, the recovery time depends not only on the bandwidth of the Internet but also on the amount of restoring data. It is not always necessary to recover the entire backup copy.

Most often, data loss means accidental deletion of a single file or folder. In such situations, all you have to do is to recover only the lost data – not entire copy and it will happen immediately.


The progressive processes of deduplication and data compression, dynamic improvements of Internet connections and the ability to quickly restore only selected files and folders make the strength of this myth negligible.

Verdict: in this case, the same as in the previous one, there is a small grain of truth that dies out together with internet speed improvements.

Myth #5 – Cloud backup is expensive

cloud backup is not expensive

The price you pay for storage in the cloud is higher than purchasing the equivalent disk – true. However, this simplified calculation does not take into account the costs of maintaining local infrastructure. Add here the costs of the physical environment, i.e. rooms, electricity or additional security and what have you got? The result is not so obvious, right?

In the price of cloud backup, you receive the already mentioned professional data centers security level. Redundant infrastructure, data duplication, 24/7 monitoring, security certificates, protection against random situations and catastrophes – all of this is included in the package. You do not have to worry, plan and pay for implementing this type of protection internally in your organization.

Also, remember that in cloud solution you pay for the storage you use and you increase it only while your needs are growing. We can say that cloud backup is a tailored solution for every business needs.


Wider glance and more accurate calculation prove that the cloud solution turns out to be more economical, especially considering the level of security received “in a package” and “pay-as-you-use” billing model.

Verdict: myth busted!