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Xopero extends its disaster recovery technology

We just released an update for our two local backup solutions – Xopero Backup&Restore and Xopero QNAP Appliance. Recent months show that our company strongly focused on the disaster recovery technology development. The result of these works is the Xopero Image Tool, a well received free stand-alone application which allows fast image conversion to any other format supported by popular hypervisors like Hyper-V, VMware, Virtualbox and KVM (to learn more check this blog post). At the same time, our team also worked on expanding the core DR technology – Smart Recovery – to the Xopero Backup&Restore solution. And today only five weeks after the premiere of XIT, we release this awaited update. Let’s find out what changes the new Xopero 3.9.6 release brings.

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Why modern endpoint backup saves business

Backing up and protecting business data is a big deal in today’s corporate world. This is also a rising challenge due to employees mobility and data migration from data centers to endpoint devices. Yet many traditional backup solutions focus on server protection within a firewall, not taking into consideration rapid shift of data to the end-devices.

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