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Thunderspy hits Thunderbolt ports and steals data

Welcome to the next episode of the Xopero Security Center! How to launch a cyberattack on devices equipped with Thunderbolt ports – even if the targeted device is locked and its drive encrypted? It looks like the attacker need only a short time window (physical access) a screwdriver and some portable hardware. But don’t be fooled, the ThunderSpy attack – which took years to develop – is really elegant.

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Xopero Security Center: the secret behind xHelper has been revealed

Welcome to the next episode of the Xopero Security Center! The most crucial security updates of the week? There were few: Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Oracle and Adobe. There is also a critical bug in Google Chrome, so don’t forget to update. Coronavirus scams are still in the wide – be careful. And at last the secret behind xHelper – an unkillable Android backdoor – has been revealed.

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Backup sales – best practices

You want to start backup sales but you’re not sure how to do it? Do you feel like sometimes you’re out of arguments and not able to convince customers that the solution you are proposing is exactly what they need? In this article, we will show you how to dispel customers’ concerns and point out that cloud backup and storage is something they need. Because it obviously is!

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