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Immutable Backup – What Is It & Why You Need It?

In today’s digital landscape, data is invaluable, especially in ensuring organizational business continuity and regulatory compliance. Downtime in large organizations or factories can cost up to millions of dollars per minute… there is no doubt that providing uncompromised data protection, which is backup, is mandatory and just pays off. One of the most reliable ways to ensure data security and cyber resilience is immutable backups for critical data. What exactly are immutable backups and how can they benefit your organization? And what about traditional backup? In this comprehensive guide, I’ll explore the concept of immutable backups, their benefits, and how we can help you implement an effective backup strategy.

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Xopero Software Completes Its ISO 27001 Audit Successfully

It’s difficult to keep it a secret when great news is happening! Xopero Software is in the process of certification for compliance with ISO 27001:2017 Standard and has already passed the security audit. The auditor has submitted a recommendation to issue a certificate – so, it’s only a formality left.

In this blog post we’ve decided to put some light on what ISO 270001 standard is and share what this security certification means for us and our customers.

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