Xopero Software Completes Its ISO 27001 Audit Successfully

It’s difficult to keep it a secret when great news is happening! Xopero Software is in the process of certification for compliance with ISO 27001:2017 Standard and has already passed the security audit. The auditor has submitted a recommendation to issue a certificate – so, it’s only a formality left.

In this blog post we’ve decided to put some light on what ISO 270001 standard is and share what this security certification means for us and our customers.

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Monthly summary: GitProtect.io on GitHub Marketplace / Online Tour / DigitalAnarchist TV / New distribution

In the last summary, we warned you that here at Xopero a lot will be going on soon. And we were right. This is by far the hottest holiday in the history of Xopero! We managed to set off on a journey – we mean Xopero ONE Online Tour, a series of webinars about our brand new software’s possibilities and features. The timetable includes more stops! In July, we also managed to appear in two large marketplaces – GitHub and Rozetka. Oh, and we give the interview to the DigitalAnarchist broadcasting platform. 

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Monthly summary: Xopero ONE On-Premise Premiere / Online Tour 2021

It was a long-awaited event  – and we do not mean holidays and summer trips. We couldn’t wait for the official release of Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery. And finally, we can announce it – the Xopero ONE On-Premise version is now available for download on our brand new website! This is of course the hottest news this summer, but along with the release, we are preparing a series of events and activities for you. Stay tuned! 

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