New feature coming soon – Xopero Image Tool

Xopero Image Tool is the newest application in Xopero recovery toolbox. It is used to convert between multiple hard drive image formats – from RAW to VHD, VHDX or VMDK and back. Thanks to such conversion it is possible to move your physical machine to any virtual environment such as Hyper-V, VMware or VirtualBox.

You can access the Xopero Image Tool either from CMD (Windows) or run directly from the terminal (Linux and OSX).

Why you need it

  1. To restore your physical machine as a Hyper-V/VMware or VirtualBox virtual machine – now you can restore your VM on Windows operating system.
  2. To transfer the VM’s hdd image from another Hyper-V/VMware or VirtualBox virtualizer – this is a universal solution, so it allows to easily move virtual machine to other virtualizer, no matter if you use Windows, Linux or OSX operating system.
  3. To mount the image in the file system – this way you can easily restore any file from the image backup without restoring this machine first.
  4. To reset registry entries: it can solve technical problems when rebooting the machine, so you can use it to fix bug problems too.

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