Developing an effective server protection with Xopero

More and more organizations depend on data to pursue business objectives. And as organizations grow, so does the amount of data they generate and data loss becomes increasingly costly.

IT infrastructures are changing rapidly too, become more complex and support a wider range of operating systems, applications, physical and virtual servers, with networks extending far beyond HQ. Backup and DR are an essential blocks that keep all of business systems operating and available.

According to Gartner just one minute of downtime costs about 700 USD. But what will be the real cost when we are dealing with a full server infrastructure downtime? There is a lot of dependencies but one thing is for sure – it will be extremely high. Then how to make a server protection right for business like yours?

Important devices should be covered by 2-layer backup. The first layer secures all important data from the device. In case of any error you will be able to recover single files or databases. The second layer is backup of entire operating system with all application and settings. It lets you to recover entire system in case of any failure or start the device as virtual machine while breakdown.

Xopero solutions protect against data loss and provide quick access to all critical services – see how to make it right with Xopero:

  • Secure your data: backup important data stored on the server regularly, both files and app data,
  • Protect entire systems: be ready for breakdown by backing up the entire system what gives you quick access to the vital services. Drive image backup should be made when there were important updates or apps installed.
  • Server recovery: Xopero allows to recover selected files or restore entire operating system with all applications, databases and data,
  • System restore: image backup and Xopero Smart Virtualization Stick tool allow to recover whole server on any physical machine, different than the source,
  • Xopero failover: Xopero provide features to run the HDD image backup as a virtual machine directly on the backup server or on any physical machine and any hypervisor,
  • Virtual machines protection: VMs can be protected in the same way as a regular physical server – in addition remember to create backup from outside the machine.

Want to see Xopero in action? Check our special webinar, which covers modern server protection in detail.