Efficient training-based partner relationships. Xopero in Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Creating good relationships with clients constitutes the basis of development of each business. It is necessary to take into consideration the needs of the other part and try your best to meet them. Especially at the beginning of cooperation it is worth to devote a lot of attention to each other in order to understand your partner in the best possible way and build expert’s authority.

In order to satisfy the requirements of our new partners from Indonesia – PT. MEGA KOMPUTINDO LESTARI and Hong Kong – Gateway Computer Resources Ltd.- we have this month launched the series of trainings which will enable them to feel more confident during talks concerning the sales of our solutions. As we operate on the basis of channel sales, we devote a lot of time to training our partners and providing them with appropriate knowledge to be actually ready to sell Xopero on their local markets. Before they begin their activity, they should receive maximum product information. Without this it will be impossible for us to be present in the consciousness of their clients, and this is what we care about.

For this reason we are launching technical trainings conducted by experienced experts who make every effort possible to provide precise description of product functioning. Each training is adapted to the needs of a given group: we make sure how advanced its members are in order for the meeting to be as fruitful as possible. Xopero is a family of three products: cloud product came first in the offer (now available in two versions – for business and for home), then two local solutions appeared: the first one may be installed on any infrastructure, while the second is dedicated to QNAP NAS servers – together they form an advanced backup appliance. During trainings we reveal all technical secrets of our solutions. We also provide a lot of time for free questions. This part constitutes a challenge also for us – we need to present ourselves as the best experts in our field.

We also organize sales trainings during which we concentrate on presenting our products in the best possible way, we want to be sure that each participant understands the essence of Xopero and its outstanding values. It is worth to explain what it is that differentiates us from our competitors. Xopero offers enterprise functionality for SMEs at much lower price. It is extremely important that complete functionality is maintained. What also differentiates us is the fact that we have been the only company to create software dedicated especially for our partner – QNAP company.

Such meeting is also a perfect opportunity to meet those who are going to be responsible for the sales of our products as well as reaching our clients. This, in turn, is a great way to exchange experience. We are making our first steps on new markets, among others in Asia – we will be grateful for any feedback and remarks. Whenever possible, we take part in business meetings, ask for honest opinions – in this way we get the ideas how to improve our products. What is more, personal contact constitutes an element of creating good relationship, partners feel more confident in further discussions and it is then easier to maintain remote contact.

Thanks to the involvement and valuable meetings we have the chance to be recognized as a team of experts who know what they do and do it well. From the very beginning we want Xopero to be perceived as expert in their field. It is of major importance in particular in the new market perspective and in the context of creating the brand which from month to month becomes global. We hope that in this way we will be able to meet the expectations of all our partners, as they are part of our success.

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