Xopero ONE 1.6.0: Low data storage space notifications, plan and storage marking and even faster agent

Check out what the new version of Xopero ONE has brought with it! Since our last update, not only have we introduced new features but also made several optimizations to ensure smoother and more efficient performance. Xopero ONE – now with an even more user-friendly interface!

Low storage space notifications

Now, surprises aside. The highly anticipated notifications feature has now been integrated into Xopero ONE, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your storage space. No more stress about running out of space for your next backup. 

Simply define a storage occupancy threshold, and once exceeded, you’ll receive a daily notification from us via email or Slack. Customize these alerts to your preferences, setting them up either globally or for each individual storage – the choice is yours. 

Even more clarity

We have implemented changes to allow you to quickly and effortlessly find the information you need. From now on, backup plans that have active encryption will be marked with an additional icon in the list of plans, on the plan dashboard, and in the summary of the completed task. Just hover over the encryption icon to reveal details about the encryption level in use. 

Another update we haven’t mentioned yet is the new labeling for Ransomware Proof storages. This applies to S3 – type storages with the Object Lock feature enabled, as well as Xopero Cloud storages. You’ll notice this change directly on the data storage list. 

On the same list, we’ve also added a column that provides information on the status of Immutable Storage, which can be in one of three states: 

  • unavailable 
  • enabled 
  • disabled.

The main menu has also undergone a slight modification – at the very bottom, you will find the Help section, from which you can easily access our continuously updated knowledge base.

Xopero even faster! 🚀

We’ve implemented minor improvements to improve and speed up the application’s performance: 

  • If you’re using Xopero ONE SaaS and protecting numerous resources, we have introduced an option to entirely deactivate the Cloud Worker cache, making our agent operate even more efficiently. 
  • You no longer need to refresh the page when changing the activity of a backup or replication plan – it will happen automatically. 
  • For those securing git repositories and metadata, or managing projects in Jira, make sure to find out more about this release’s major functionality – Jira Granular Restore

Additional Improvements

  • The framework and libraries of the panel have been updated. 
  • Enhancements have been made to the chart that summarizes recent tasks. 
  • We’ve standardized the display messages across the platform. 
  • New tooltips have been added. 
  • Minor bugs have been addressed and resolved. 

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