New Xopero Smart Image Backup – the fastest available HDD image backup solution

The new version of our local backup solutions – Xopero 3.9.7. is now available to download on our website. It brings 9x faster incremental HDD image backup than a year ago and new backup templates. What more? Just check out!

Xopero backup is up to 9x faster

Our engineers have speeded up the process of creating HDD image backups and its particular partitions. The full backup is now 2.5x, and incremental up to 9x faster than last year’s version, reaching respectively 144 MB and 1 241 MB per second. It was possible with wider usage of the Windows VSS feature, which is used for creating system snapshots.

New Smart Image Backup by Xopero (incremental).

Increased performance

We used new algorithms for checksums calculating and data filtering what has increased efficiency of backup processing while reducing its size.

New Smart Image Backup by Xopero.

Support for dynamic drives with more than one volume

The new version Xopero 3.9.7. enables backup of dynamic drive volumes in Windows system (NTFS files). Dynamic drives expand the functionality of basic disks by creating volumes that connect several physical disks or partitions, as well as creating RAID-5 mirrored copies.

Simple templates managing

We have improved the process of managing backup templates. In Xopero Management Center choose which directories you want to protect and specify the schedule of making their backups. Then assign the template to selected devices. According to this plan, appropriate projects will be created within 30 seconds.

Editing and deleting projects can only be done by the Administrator.

Support for data stores in the SMB resource

In the new version of Xopero Backup & Restore, network resources can be used to store backups on any local network machine that supports the SMB protocol.

Custom switches to MSI installer

The 3.9.7 update introduced additional switches to the client application MSI installer. They allow to provide server address, login and password on installation process. It could be very helpful for remote mass installation process, thanks to the switches Xopero Agent is able to login user automatically just after installation.

More restrictive password policy

The required password length has grown from 5 to a minimum of 9 characters and it has to include 3 of 4 obligatory groups, like small and capital letters, numbers and special characters. It aims to better user data protection.

Additional language versions

Last but not least, we implemented two additional translations of our client application and Xopero Management Center – French and Spanish. Our interface is already available in eight language version.

It’s not surprising considering that our solutions protect 15 petabytes of data on over 100,000 of devices in 27 countries all over the world.