Secure your data on World Backup Day

March 31st is World Backup Day – an independent initiative aiming at raising the awareness on backup and data protection. As nowadays, the knowledge concerning backup is still very limited, it is worth to have a closer look at this issue and check what Polish IT market can offer.

It is said that there are two groups of people: those who perform backup copies and those who will start doing it. Nothing is more motivating that data loss, which, sooner or later, may happen to everyone.

What about facts?

  • over 30% of computer users have never performed any backup copy,
  • over 60% of companies which lost their data go bankrupt within 6 months,
  • 78% of companies don’t test  their solutions and don’t know whether they will be able to get lost data back,
  • 46% of users have lost their data at least once within 10 years period,
  • in the world, over 120 phones are stolen every minute,
  • at least 1 in 10 computers gets infected with a new virus each month.

Figures don’t lie; however, not everyone treats them seriously. In the majority of cases computer users have somewhere at the back of their mind a thought “it isn’t going to happen to me” and this is the most common cause of disasters. The scale of the problem becomes noticeable when data is actually lost, but then it’s too late. Backup copies constitute one of the best, the cheapest and the most reliable ways of securing key files against loss. Be professional and take care of your business.

Your data is more precious than your device!

Remember about it every day. In the first place we usually worry about our equipment, but nowadays it’s getting cheaper and cheaper, while the number of important files owned by your Company grows on a daily basis. Losing your computer will cost you a few thousand zlotys, and what about losing all your data? It may mean going bankrupt.

“I can’t afford any protection”

And can you afford to bear its consequences? Think how much your data is worth now and what consequences will have to be born in the case of its loss. Search for the offers of several companies and in particular take look at the Polish market. Xopero Software is a Polish company which from its very beginning values highest quality products at reasonable price. Xopero is present on different foreign markets, but it is also emphasizing its presence on the Polish market and remembers about local companies, offering them highest quality and affordable software.

Treat World Backup Day as a challenge

If you are the owner or a person responsible for IT in your company – be responsible and secure your business. World Backup Day is a good moment to consider it and start sleeping peacefully without worrying about your business.

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