TELCO – a hard nut to crack?

Xopero was established in 2009. At the time, the platform was called Opero and as it sometimes happens at the very beginning – this didn’t mean anything to anybody. As each startup company we had to make every effort possible to appear in clients’ consciousness. Polish market wasn’t ready for our product and the knowledge concerning cloud solutions was extremely limited. Our competitors were international companies with many years of experience on the global market. However, if we had been looking at our situation from this perspective at the time, we wouldn’t be where we are now. The cooperation with such TELCO brands as Orange and T-mobile made it possible for us to gain valuable experience.

Back to the beginning

When the first version of our platform was created, clients were not ready for a solution of this kind. Polish market was relatively unaware – cloud products were not known and people were afraid of the cloud. In fact, “dangerous cloud” is a myth which we are still fighting today. The attitude towards data protection used to differ a lot from the attitude towards using antivirus software. Nobody understood why backup is necessary. In addition, it was difficult to “compete” with DropBox which, in “clients’” opinion, offered exactly the same and what is more, it was available in the version up to 2GB for free.

Advantages for TELCO

Everything which at the time actually resulted in the lack of success on the Polish market, turned out to constitute an asset for telecommunication companies: encrypted backup, encrypted synchronization, dispersed storage of files, redundant server rooms and much more. Opero (company name at the time) was one of very few companies on the market equipped with such advanced functionalities and ensuring enterprise level of security. What is more, it was tightly integrated with provisioning systems (used by telco) as well as provided the possibility of full product branding as well as an additional tool enabling effective management of products and clients’ accounts. Investing in perfect data security technologies eventually paid off. We offered a perfect solution for telecommunications clients.

Cooperation with TELCO

Telco are enterprise companies which appreciate trust and establishing appropriate relationships. We showed that our company is a reliable partner. Not only product, but also good business communication constitute the basis for effective activities and image creation. For all these years when our platform was being created we intended to maintain the best possible relationships with clients. It was a long-lasting process, but thanks to it, such brands as Orange and T-Mobile are now included in our portfolio.

The market is changing

It is worth to emphasize that in recent years, the market has experienced important changes. Nowadays we do not have to prove all the time that backup is a must. Securing data does not rely exclusively on backup copies. These days are gone. Currently, companies want first of all to maintain business continuity and availability. Now, basic business question is – “when?” and not “whether?” I will have my data recovered and come back to work. For this reason we are now investing in the development of DR and business continuity technology. Another important thing is that, apart from high security standards, we also offer the possibility to maintain business continuity. All these services are available at a price which is affordable for Polish business sector and not only big companies. We also try to support smaller entrepreneurs, who generate the majority of Polish GDP. Data loss can ruin both a small as well as a big company. So we provide our clients with fully functional solutions enabling the securing of all business infrastructure elements. It doesn’t matter whether they are computers, databases, servers, virtual machines or mobile devices. Such attitude is somehow forced by current working style. Growing amounts of data, constant flow of information through many different channels and with the use of several devices simultaneously, growing popularity of smart devices – both the product as well as the offer have to be adapted to clients’ needs. Constantly developing technological sector, multitude of devices and global style of companies force us to follow such standards and we try to meet them in every aspect – this is the driving force of our activities.

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