Xopero ONE 1.7.5 – Storage Cleaner tool, full control over data and more

We are constantly improving our solution to meet users’ expectations and provide the best options for securing their business. Find out what changes we’ve made in the latest version of Xopero ONE 1.7.5 🚀

Optimization with Storage Cleaner tool

We were wondering how to make user storage data management even better…. and we found a solution! Our latest Xopero ONE 1.7.5 update brings the Storage Cleaner tool, which optimizes the storage resource usage. With this new feature, users can independently clean the storage from the data remaining after the deduplication process, thus increasing the efficiency and storage space capacity.

Cleaning S3 Storage now up to 30 times faster!

Our team has been working on optimizing the data deletion process for S3 storage. From now on, we enable group deletion of objects on storage – the result is speeding up the deletion process by up to 30 times! This is a huge step forward in terms of efficient data management.

Full control over removed resources

We believe that the deletion process should be transparent and controlled as much as possible, especially in view of the seriousness of this procedure. In order to minimize the risk of human error – a very common and real problem faced by companies – we have implemented a new function for reviewing deleted resources. Now you have the ability to have a full view of which devices or virtual machines are included in the deletion process. This not only provides better data management, but also significantly increases the security of your business.

Increased transparency in logs

Xopero ONE’s newest version brings improvements that are particularly valuable in environments with a large number of devices to secure. In this release, we have added an option that allows you to switch off recording of agent connection events. When the feature is enabled, the logs will not contain agent connection entries, which not only makes logs easier to read, but also increases the efficiency of the agent connection process. This option is disabled by default, allowing you to customize the settings to meet your specific needs.

Other improvements:
– Better Hyper-V machine restore on Windows 11 and with Azure Blob Storage
– Ability to delete a snapshot after cancelling a task
– Agent performance improvements in AD environments

We invite you to explore the latest enhancements in Xopero ONE, crafted to boost your backup management and data security. Try & test these improvements yourself by signing into your Xopero ONE account or initiating a complimentary trial period