Xopero ONE v. 1.2.5 – VMware Test Restore Plan and more

Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery version 1.2.5 is already available and includes a whole series of ground-breaking features and improvements. Let’s take a look at the most remarkable ones:

VMware Test Restore Plan 

Nothing gives a better guarantee of a correctly made copy than its test restore. From now on, all Xopero ONE users can set a VMware test restore plan and schedule to automatically recover the latest copy of the entire machine or run VMs directly from the backup to test performance. Once configured, the plan will periodically and automatically restore the selected VMware machine directly to the specified location.

In addition, Xopero ONE will send you a report with a screenshot directly on your mailbox so you can instantly verify VMware backups, measure RTO and plan better your business continuity strategy. Watch a video demonstrating this functionality:

Note! To perform a test restore, please update an agent or have Virtual Appliance update to version 1.2.5 – download it directly from your web panel.

Type of copy selection during a manual process 

Now you can decide for yourself whether the copy you are running with the Basic scheme should be full, incremental, or made according to the scheduler settings. Thus, we give users control over the type of manually triggered copy.

Metadata selection in the Git copy

When setting a backup plan for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, now you have the option to select only specific metadata to be included in a copy – and the list is gradually expanding! Thus, you can select exactly the repositories and metadata you want to protect without having to backup all, even unused metadata.