OneDrive Backup – risks, good practices and keeping your business data secure

Being able to transfer data between users easily, is key in running a successful business. So any program that allows you to do it can give you an advantage. One of such program is OneDrive for Business provided by Microsoft. If it’s so widely used, should you consider backup OneDrive for business? OneDrive for Business is a cloud service allowing your users to store data, synced, and access it from any device they log on to. This service offers great opportunities to improve your teams’ productivity. Allowing users to share files and collaborate on them in real time. But all those pros, unfortunately, can be neglected if someone outside your company gains access to the user account. In this article, we will take a closer look at the risks involved in using OneDrive for business in your company, and how you can increase protection against those risks with a proper third-party solution for OneDrive data protection. 

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