Xopero ONE 1.5.0 brings a brand new Compliance section, improvement of large copies and more

Xopero ONE v. 1.5.0 is now available! Just a small spoiler in the intro: our brand new Compliance Section brings a completely new quality to your security and certification processes and regular audits. And this is just the beginning of the changes…


The Compliance section

With each release, our dashboard is filled with more practical information. In this version, something for security specialists – the already mentioned Compliance section! From now on, you can check at a glance whether your copies meet the security criteria that are the basis for numerous standards and certifications. Among them:

  • Protection of all resources: the percentage of resources with an active backup plan
  • SLA from last 24h: the percentage of resources that have been properly backed up within the last 24 hours
  • Encryption: the percentage of backup copies with encryption turned on
  • Replication: check whether you have more than one data store connected and fulfill the 3-2-1 backup rule
  • Notifications and reports: make the best of Xopero ONE monitoring

Compliance with the previously released SLA section, daily reporting, and notification builds your security confidence and allows you to take instant action if the need arises. We are right after some certification processes (including SOC 2 and ISO27001), so we are sure, you’re gonna love it.

Improvement of large copies – even easier buffer size configuration for backup to S3 

Sending large disk image copies to S3 or Xopero Cloud Storage is even easier. From now on, you can change the buffer limits directly in the advanced settings of the backup plan. This gives you more flexibility and control over how your backups are sent, and the settings are even more accessible.

“Failed backup plan” notification

We already provide you with numerous ways to monitor the level of data protection overall, backup statuses, or system events. From this release, there is a new type of notification informing you that your backup plan didn’t run according to the schedule. It can be delivered in a preferred form, such as an email message, Slack notification, or webhook.

On-demand trials

Do you want to test another license within Xopero ONE? Check how it handles copies of VMware, physical devices, or Microsoft 365? From now on, in the SLA section, you will find the option to run an additional trial license on your own – exactly the one you need.

Version 1.5.0 also brings:

  • DevOps backup and restore improvements: Jira with new & fresh projects listing, better UX of the Disaster Recovery for Jira, new rules for a repository backup, GitLab Premium metadata backup, and more.
  • Support for multiple MySQL backups with a single project on Windows systems.
  • New actions in user logs for even better verification of activities in the system
  • The new “verification” section in the VMware test recovery plan will present a summary of all settings