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Xopero abroad – Czech Team

It was easily predictable that the international success of Xopero will also reach our neighbors from the Czech Republic. We met our colleagues from the other side of our southern border for the first time by total accident during one of the events dedicated to our sector in 2016. Already in August we organized the training for our Czech friends after which the localization of materials began. As we acted quickly and efficiently, on February 1st we managed to open Xopero office in Prague. It constituted a very important step in our further cooperation and in the process of entering the new market.

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Disaster Recovery Part I – Organisational Aspects

In modern companies, one of the most important elements that affect their market competitiveness as well as smooth operation, is the guarantee of broadly understood business continuity. In case of IT systems and infrastructure, ensuring such continuity comes down primarily to defining and implementing disaster recovery (DR) processes. This includes developing a set of policies, processes and procedures relating to restoration and maintenance of mission-critical IT systems and infrastructure.

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Dispelling the Myths About Cloud Backups

Cloud computing technologies, especially in SaaS model (Software as a Service), are beginning to play an increasingly important role in the corporate reality. With their popularisation, entrepreneurs are also beginning to wonder whether it is worth to move other key business processes to the cloud. Today, cloud backup is among the most frequently considered options. But this immediately raises some concerns – is this a reasonable solution to the problem?

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Xopero Abroad – Team Italia

The fact that Polish companies are conquering foreign markets should be emphasised as often as possible – especially in the context of the technology industry, the development of which is now highly influenced by Polish enterprises. Over the last years, thanks to hard work and commitment of the best employees, Xopero has been expanding its business horizons, reaching the sunny Italy in 2016.

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Endpoint protection matters…

As we often say in IT, all computer users can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of those who archive data, since they have once lost it. The second includes users who do not backup their data yet, because serious data loss is still ahead of them.

This little humorous saying is confirmed by experience of many IT administrators and regular users. Many of us start to think about the safety of our data once we lose it. Meanwhile, backups are one of the best, cheapest and surest ways to protect critical data from loss.

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