Xopero ONE 1.4.5 brings a new system dashboard, SAML integration, and more

Xopero ONE v. 1.4.5 is now available! The first big change is easy to spot right after logging in (of course, after updating the application first). Just a small spoiler in the intro: in addition to daily reports, e-mail, and Slack notifications, your daily work will now be improved by a completely new system dashboard.

Extended monitoring with the new system dashboard

The system dashboard presents statistical data on performed tasks, recent backup tasks, and notifications. There is also a completely new element – the SLA section. This new view provides details about how secure all your resources, including devices, VMs, Microsoft 365 organizations, and DevOps tools, are. 

Now you can select a custom time range: the last 24 hours or over 7, 14, and 30 days. I know that such information is crucial for you – and there is more to come. But I will tell you more about it another time.

SAML integration

Does your organization use Azure Active Directory, Okta, or CyberArk? If so, you will be pleased to hear that Xopero ONE now supports external identity providers using the SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) standard. The new service is available from the System Administrator level – from here you can easily add, modify and remove external identity providers.

File-level copy with an extended set of error information

From now on, you will be able to quickly identify not only the problem itself but also the files affected by it. When it comes to errors, Xopero ONE version 1.4.5 will provide you with the following additional information: file path, error code, description of the error code (indicating the possible cause of the problem), and the exact time when the error occurred. In addition, we have added a search to help you find the indicated file or error code.

Storage usage presented in the group dashboard

In the previous release, the functionality of the groups was expanded and they gained e.g. their own dashboards. Now we have powered up the mentioned dashboards with a new set of data presenting the storage usage by all devices within that specific group.  

Additional information about the duration of backup tasks in the plan dashboard

The central theme of this release is the dashboard(s). In this case, the new section presents how backup task duration changes over time for the specific plan.

Version 1.4.5 also brings:

DevOps backup and restore improvements

Support for new Bitbucket metadata, DR and cross-over recovery 2.0, optimizing the GitHub backup process, and UX improvements. 

Information about the backup type in the task details

With what kind of copy we are dealing with (full, differential, or incremental), during its execution, after it is finished, as well as in the logs.

New language support

We have great news for all our Italian users. From this release Xopero ONE is also available in Italian! So now, our app supports six languages: English, Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Mandarin (traditional and simplified), and, of course, Italian.