Xopero ONE v. 1.2.0 – replication, Wasabi and Backblaze B2 storage support

Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery version 1.2.0 is already available and includes a whole series of ground-breaking features and improvements. Let’s take a look at the most remarkable ones:

New feature: replication 

Now Xopero ONE allows you for storage replication and keeping your efficient, consistent copies in multiple locations to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule, enabling redundancy and business continuity. You can replicate from any to any data store – cloud to cloud, cloud to local, or locally with no limitations. How does it work? In the menu of our central management console, you can find a new type of plan – a replication plan. All you need to do is to indicate the source and target storage, agent, simple schedule, and… voilà!

Watch what Grzegorz Bąk – our irreplaceable Product Development Manager – has to say about the new replication plan.

Wasabi and Backblaze B2 direct support

We released dedicated forms to create Wasabi and Backblaze B2 data store so now you can choose them directly from the list. The configuration is as simple as almost everything in Xopero ONE – just provide authentication data, select region, and bucket. That’s all!  And if you have previously added one of those storages as AWS S3 compatible, it will automatically change its type – you do not need to take any additional steps.

File-level backup speeds up to 30x!

Yes, exactly – copies of large files that are frequently modified have been accelerated up to 30x!

20x faster drive image restore process

Version 1.2.0 improves performance and speeds up the process of restoring a drive image copy to a file – up to 20x faster than before!

Support for MS SQL: COPY_ONLY backup mode

We have added support for the new MS SQL backup mode – COPY_ONLY, which allows you to keep consistent copies of databases when they are simultaneously protected with other tools.

As you invest in your infrastructure, don’t skip the security and backup&DR.

Even easier monitoring – a new email title with a backup summary

From now on, you only need a glance at the email title to know how many devices, Microsoft 365 users or virtual machines have been protected correctly, incorrectly, or with warnings.

What’s more?

  • Better Slack and email notifications,
  • Major bug fixes,
  • Adding user logs for the instant restore task,
  • and more!

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