Xopero Backup&Restore

Disaster recovery for any IT environment with near-zero RTO, Smart Recovery and Smart Virtualization Stick technology


Building backup infrastructure, doesn’t need to take a large amount of time and money

Xopero Backup & Restore is a comprehensive backup & recovery solution, which offers full protection of all critical data - from single endpoint to servers and virtual machines as well. And because our solution can be implemented on any IT infrastructure, there is no additional costs because you already have all necessary components.


Data protection

Whether your company has small, medium or large IT infrastructure, Xopero Backup & Restore will comprehensively protect all your critical data.

Comprehensive protection

Complete backup and data recovery for any IT environment – flexible solution with fast implementation guaranteed.

Software solution

The best and fastest way to create a complete DR and backup policy infrastructure in any company.

Private backup cloud

An ultimate way to create a safe backup infrastructure for a data-heavy environment in a trusted location - your own. Xopero grows with your business and allows to maintain the highest level of protection for any data.

Easy implementation

Fast implementation is possible, thanks to simple installation, well prepared documentation and dedicated support team just one phone call away. This is the simplest way to create ideal backup center.


Smart data recovery

The most cost effective DR functionalities - protect, restore and get back to business at anytime.

Complete business protection

Protect your entire business infrastructure: user desktops, laptops, physical servers, databases and virtual machines.

DR toolbox

Backup, disaster recovery and device migration packed into one simple solution. Boot your system or device in less than 15 minutes.

HDD image backup

Fast restore with the complete image of your whole device, system disk or a selected partition. When data loss happen, you can recover whatever you need – OS, applications or any individual file and folder.

Smart migration

Xopero supports physical-to-physical (P2P), physical-to-virtual (P2V), virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) migration scenarios.

Universal restore

To keep a truly agile business you can restore your backed up data to the same or new device or hardware, including physical and virtual BMR.



We take security of your data seriously. That’s why all our solutions use encryption, authentication and extra encryption keys to allow you the highest level of security.

End-to-end protection

All your data is encrypted on your machine with AES 256 algorithm before being sent to backup destination. Then 128-bit SSL provides an additional level of security during the data transmission process.

Stronger encryption

Data is encrypted with AES 256 CBC - which is much safer than the regular AES 256 encryption. With AES 256 CBC every next block is is encrypted using data from the previous element – that same process occurs during decryption.

Control of authenticity and integrity

Xopero checks authenticity and integrity of the data - whether we are dealing with the original file and if the integrity of data is maintained after the restore is completed.

Error detection toolset

Because without right monitoring your backed up data could get easily corrupted Xopero comes with the built in error detection technologies to ensure that your backup copies are 100% usable.


Smart Management

Along with data protection features you gain central management console, which simplifies backup policy management.

Backup policy management

Manage and monitor backups performed on all devices, configure client applications settings, create new users, add new hosts and manage all backup services, etc.

Remote management

Protect branch offices and mobile employees with the ability to manage whole backup infrastructure without direct access to the chosen machine.


Secure, manage, protect from one to thousands devices with deduplication and other optimizations.

Simple device migration

Back up the old server or computer to an image file and restore the image to the new device with everything maintained as it was: same data, ID, configuration, etc.

Data control

Monitor the number of files being uploaded the backup process, and the number of stored versions.


Xopero technologies

Thanks to our unique DR technologies Xopero goes far beyond the capabilities of basic backup solution.

Smart Recovery

Launch a system from your virtual machine without performing a full restore or converting backup files to a different format.

Smart Virtualization Stick

Instantly launch virtualized mission-critical data or launch a backed-up machine as its virtual instance on any computer/server without the need to restore it on this device first with only simple pendrive.

Xopero Image Tool

XIT is used to convert between multiple hard drive image formats – from RAW to VHD, VHDX or VMDK and back. Thanks to such conversion it is possible to move your physical/virtual machine to any virtual environment.

I have one up to three computers

I have multiple computers

I have one or more servers

I have a virtual environment

Server Agent
Server Agent
Virtual Agent
Virtual Agent
Files&folders backup check check check check check
HDD image backup check check check check check
Smart Recovery technology check check check check check
SVS technology check check check check check
XIT technology check check check check check
Central management console check check check check check
AES 256 CBC encryption check check check check check
Compliance with the GDPR check check check check check
Data replication and archiving check check check
Windows PC recovery check
MS Outlook backup check
Database backup check check
MS Exchange backup check check
System State and Network Drive check check
Linux Server backup check check
Windows Server Essentials check check
Windows Server check
VMware backup check
Hyper-V backup check
Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing
Subscription Lifetime
Endpoint Agent Endpoint Agent $33/device spacer BUY $56/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Server Agent Basic $219/device spacer BUY $359/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Server Agent Pro $329/device spacer BUY $549/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Virtual Agent VMware $249/device spacer BUY $419/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Virtual Agent Hyper-V $249/device spacer BUY $419/device spacer BUY