Xopero Backup & Restore

The easiest way to protect your company’s data - without the additional investment in any hardware.

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What is Xopero Backup&Restore?

It is the most universal data protection solution for any local infrastructure. Including yours.

  • Hardware independent

    Any machine - physical or virtual - which is running Windows OS, can become a backup server.
  • Low cost

    Implement Xopero on an infrastructure of your choice - we do not favour any particular hardware or vendor. It’s most likely that you already have all you need to start protecting your data with Xopero.
  • Rapid implementation

    The installation process will take only a few minutes. That’s how fast you can start protecting your data against malfunctions and disasters.
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Universal, reliable, hardware-independent

Complex protection

Maximum data protection of all crucial data - from a single workstation to hundreds.

Universal backup

Xopero is suitable for every business - even the one of complex and dispersed organizational structure.

Easy migration

You can rely on your hard drive for three to five years. When its lifespan ends, restore previously backed up environment on a new device or disc.


Fast and intuitive

Quick installation process and simple handling will let you configure your company’s backup policy instantly.

You choose where you want to store your backups

It could be either a local server, iSCSI resources, or a network drive.


Your IT infrastructure is growing with your business? Thanks to the simple licensing, you will easily adjust our solution to protect new users or devices.

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Perfect software for backups and DR policy management

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Xopero App

Complete backup policy

The simplest and the fastest way to create a complete backup and disaster recovery policy in any business environment.

  • Ready in a few minutes

    After installation, you can proceed to configure the backup policy, which you can easily monitor in the Management Center console later.
  • Complex protection

    Workstations, servers, databases and virtual machines - protect the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Safety

    Encryption, SSL data transmission, backup optimization - we care for your data safety, storage and time.
Xopero Management Center

Smart disaster recovery included

With Xopero Backup&Restore you also acquire our Smart DR - a one of a kind disaster recovery tools which will help you quickly restore data and make it possible to get back to work in case of any disaster.

  • Business continuity

    Xopero protects your business continuity in the event of any failure. Server malfunction, fire or natural disasters - you can quickly restore data so your employees are able to continue the work as nothing happened.
  • Use virtualization

    Run a backed up device as virtual machine directly on the backup server - gain instant access to all crucial services.
  • 1:1 data copy - devices, systems and infrastructure

    Use one of the fastest HDD image backup on the market! Use it to quickly restore all of your data or only selected files and folders.
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Xopero Management Center

Management Center console

Managing the entire backup environment and remote data restore within one easy to use console. You can configure backup policies for all devices in the company - HQ, remote offices and mobile employees - then restore data into any device remotely.

  • Schedules and templates

    Create backup plans easily - select data which you want to protect and determine the schedule. It works from 10 to hundreds of devices. What if you need to protect even more - it works just the same.
  • Central management

    Manage and monitor users, services, hosts, or backup status remotely - from one application.
  • Restore your data efficiently

    In the case of a disaster, you will restore data to any device almost instantly and continue your assignments as nothing happened.

XBR - what else you should know?

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Hardware independent

Let’s not limit ourselves to only one hardware vendor - almost any NAS can become your backup server.

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Low cost

No investments in the IT infrastructure are required. It’s highly probable that you already have all the necessary components.

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Secure your entire IT infrastructure - Xopero Backup&Restore is the most universal product in our portfolio.

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DR included

Unique disaster recovery and Smart Technologies are part of the license. No additional fee is required.

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Easy data restore

Virtualize the system or device, so in the case of a breakdown, you will be able to restore the entire backup environment or selected files - even in 1 minute.

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Automatic, manageable backup

Backups will be completed in accordance with the schedule you set. You can manage them centrally and remotely - within one simple to use application.

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Have an eye on your data

Receive email notifications, monitor backup statuses - react immediately and don’t let malfunctions get the best of you!

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Do you need any help? Our technical support team is just one ticket away ready to help you. And we are 8 times faster than our competition.

What our customers say about us

Mariusz Lutowski

After a negative experience with a previous backup solution, we decided to get Xopero Backup&Restore. The implementation did not involve any additional costs or modification of our IT infrastructure. In addition, central management and automation have allowed us to save a lot of time, which was previously devoted to backup policies management.

Joanna Gawlińska

We run a recruiting agency. When checking our data security and our backup policies we came to the sad conclusion that in case of any failure we will be left with nothing. So we have started tests of other backup solutions. Finally, our choice fell on Xopero Backup & Restore and time has shown that it was a very good decision indeed. A few weeks after its implementation a server crash occurred and we lost some of our resources. But thanks to Xopero the recovery of lost data has gone really smoothly.

The Protection Agency GWARANT

Xopero Backup & Restore has proved itself 100 percent and, more importantly, had an unbeatable price. It has offered all the functionality we required, with simple implementation on our IT infrastructure and maximum endpoint security.

I have one up to three computers

I have multiple computers

I have one or more servers

I have a virtual environment

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HDD image backup check check check check check
Smart Recovery technology tooltip check check check check check
SVS technology tooltip check check check check check
XIT technology check check check check check
Central management console check check check check check
AES 256 CBC encryption check check check check check
Compliance with the GDPR check check check check check
Data replication and archiving check check check
Windows PC recovery check
MS Outlook backup check
Database backup tooltip check check
MS Exchange backup check check
System State and Network Drive check check
Linux Server backup check check
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VMware backup check
Hyper-V backup check
Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing
Subscription Lifetime
Endpoint Agent Endpoint Agent $33/device spacer BUY $56/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Server Agent Basic $219/device spacer BUY $359/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Server Agent Pro $329/device spacer BUY $549/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Virtual Agent VMware $249/device spacer BUY $419/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Virtual Agent Hyper-V $249/device spacer BUY $419/device spacer BUY