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Source code backup - a key to DevSecOps

Jan. 26th, 9 AM or 7 PM CET



Source code as Intellectual Property is the most valuable asset inside your company - you and your team spent thousands of hours (and money) to write, support, and improve projects. Can you even imagine how much it would cost you to lose the code your team has been working on for months? Forget this scenario. Bring backup as a key security tool into the DevOps process, never lose a single line of your source code and ensure compliance. Make your repositories and metadata recoverable from any point in time with GitProtect - the most professional GitHub, Bitbucket, and now also GitLab backup and recovery software.

  • The most common GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab risks and problems
  • Backup as a part of the development process - best practices
  • GitProtect.io for GitLab - HOT news
  • DEMO of GitProtect.io