1. This Cookies Policy (hereinafter "Cookies Policy") supplements the Terms of Service (“TOS”) and defines the rules for the use of cookies files by the Provider.

  2. Definitions - if nothing else is apparent from this document, all words beginning with a capital letter have the meaning as given to them in the Regulations for the provision of a service.

  3. Cookies Policy is made available to the User on the Supplier's website, in a form that allows free downloading, saving and printing.


  1. The Provider, via the Service and the Software, may collect automatically the information contained in the so-called cookie files (hereinafter: “cookies”).

  2. Cookies are text files that are created automatically and are stored in the end device of each User. They are intended for using the Service and Software. They may contain the name of the website of your origin, your unique number, the storage time on the end device.

  3. The Provider is an entity placing cookies on the User's end device and having access to them.

  4. The Provider uses cookies in order to:

    1. match the content of the Service to the User's individual preferences, first of all by recognizing the device of a given User in order to display the content according to his preferences;

    2. gather anonymous statistics that help to learn about Users' preferences and behaviors,

    3. save login options to the User Panel;

    4. keep the User's login in the User Panel.

  5. The Provider as part of the Service and Software may use two types of cookies - session and permanent. Session cookies are temporary (in particular to log out from the User's Panel). Permanent cookies are stored in the User's end device until they are manually deleted by the User or for the time resulting from their settings.

  6. The User may at any time change the settings of his terminal equipment himself to block the use of cookies or each time to obtain information about their placement in his device - this option depends on the type and version of third party software used by the User.

  7. Changes to the cookie settings on the User's end device may limit access to some of the functions of the Service or the Software.

  8. Cookies used by the Provider may be made available to its partners and advertisers cooperating with it.