Your reliable Hyper-V backup

Boost data integrity and security in your virtual environment.

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  • Consistent, agentless backup copies

  • Multi-storage system: cloud or on-premise

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Unmatched protection against ransomware

Hyper-V Backup & Recovery:

A new era of VM protection

Increase efficiency, reduce data loss risk, and ensure complete protection for your virtual environment, regardless of the complexity and requirements. Xopero ONE for Hyper-V enables flexible backup strategies to suit the most demanding business needs.

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Key features

Take advantage of cutting-edge virtual machine protection and utilize efficient, secure backups of your infrastructure that adhere to the highest standards and legal requirements.

Consistent backup

Create agentless, image-based backups of the Hyper-V environment that ensure application consistency, and enjoy the benefits of virtualization without any interruptions or failures.

Quick recovery

Eliminate downtime and enhance your company's agility. Guarantee immediate access to critical applications and data. Achieve better RPO and RTO results.

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AES encryption, custom keys, SSL transfer, secure authentication, No Single Point of Failure - your data's security is our top priority.

Multi-storage system

Store Hyper-V environment copies locally, in S3-compatible clouds, or across multiple locations - wherever you prefer.

Xopero ONE Hyper-V backup


Rise to the greatest challenges in Hyper-V backup.

A complete set of enterprise-class technologies and customizable backup policies enables you to adjust your security strategy to meet the stringent legal and internal requirements of your business, regardless of whether it involves individual hosts or complex Hyper-V clusters.

Full control over backup policy
Manage even the most complex infrastructure - set backup policies for one or multiple machines, adjust execution schedules, rotation schemes, retention time, encryption and compression levels. If necessary, clone a once-set policy and assign it to new machines or a cluster.
Agentless, application-aware copies
No more installing agents across multiple virtual machines. You can now back up single hosts and huge clusters with the same ease. With application-aware copies, you'll maintain the integrity of your backups and protect all data, even from a running application.
Incremental backups with RCT
Speed up the backup process with the supporting Resilient Change Tracking technology. Back up only those data blocks that have changed since the last backup.
Lan-Free backup and task balancing
Create backups with no load on the local network, making the process faster, with no additional optimisation. Limit the number of VMs being backed up simultaneously to fully control the network load.

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Restore Hyper-V data with confidence and ease.

To minimize downtime and avoid huge costs after data loss, you need a fast and reliable Disaster Recovery solution.

Instant Disaster Recovery
Minimise downtime and ensure continuous business continuity in the event of a disaster by restarting Hyper-V VMs directly from a backup in minutes.
Recovery from any point in time
Don't be limited to the last copy - restore data from any point in time. With unlimited retention, you can store data for as long as you need it.
Full virtual machine recovery
Restore the entire Microsoft Hyper-V environment, preserving all disk data and virtual machine configuration files.
Granular restore
Browse, search and instantly restore individual files and folders from a previously made copy.
Xopero ONE Hyper-V restore

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Multi-storage System

Send backups to any location: Use Xopero Cloud’s unlimited storage, public clouds such as AWS, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob, and any other S3-compatible cloud. Xopero ONE also integrates with NAS devices and allows for the use of local network resources.

Xopero ONE supported storages list

Security beyond backup

AES encryption

Your data is encrypted at every stage - in flight and at rest. Additionally, use your own encryption key, have full control over the encryption level, and benefit from a zero-knowledge encryption architecture. It doesn’t get more secure than this.

Ransomware protection

Leverage WORM/immutable storage technology that prevents data modification or deletion, making it ransomware-resistant. Plus, storing backups in a non-executable format protects against the spread of threats.

Authentication and authorization

Utilize SSO login or integrate with SAML and Auth0, Azure AD, Okta, CyberArk, or Google. This makes authentication and authorization processes easier, faster, and more secure, giving you complete control.

Secure password manager

Store and manage all your passwords in one secure location - a built-in password manager. You don’t need to remember or write them down - simply select them from the list when needed.

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Intuitive backup by definition

Enjoy the benefits of an agentless approach, performance and optimization technologies, and a central management console that streamlines administrative tasks. Focus on your core duties with ease of use.

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Simple, intuitive management panel, numerous options for customizing plans, user groups, backup types, and an appealing system for displaying statistics of backup copies - it’s just a quick glance; we can be sure that everything is protected.

Paweł Kozieł, ICT Specialist, The CEZ Group

The manufacturer's tailored approach and very efficient support during tests influenced our decision to purchase the solution. The software is very intuitive, and thanks to its automation, we don’t have to monitor the backup performance or run backups manually.

Marcin Wszendyrówny, the Medical University of Warsaw

Xopero has provided an excellent solution for data backup at the headquarters and branch offices. Thanks to the various possibilities of backup performance, our physical and virtual environments, as well as, applications are securely protected. Data restoration is highly efficient and hassle-free.

Artur Wasiak, the Cooperative Bank in Konin

Atlassian Marketplace 4 stars

I like the ability to setup email reports, after the backup is done, I get a message about the backup plan summary.

Sophie Walsh  
Capterra 5 stars

With this software, I have been able to create a complete backup system and not have to constantly check to see why copies are not being made.

Lukasz D. IT Admin
G2 5 stars

If you are long waiting for the best backup and recovery software with a friendly user interface, go for it without any second thoughts.

Verified User in Computer Software

Microsoft Hyper-V backup: FAQ

Do I need a backup for my Hyper-V environment?
In 2023, as many as 44% of ransomware attack victims in Germany paid a ransom to recover data. Meanwhile, the rest used backups to recover their data and restore business continuity without additional costs. These statistics show how important a backup of every environment is. Having a backup for Microsoft Hyper-V is also crucial to ensure the security and continuity of virtual machine operations. A backup of Hyper-V virtual machines enables quick data restoration in case of failures, system errors, ransomware attacks, or accidental data loss. It's a key element of a security strategy that minimizes the risk of downtime in operations. Ensuring regular backups for Microsoft Hyper-V with Xopero ONE, you can be confident that if needed, you can restore the system to a previous state, which is extremely important for business continuity and information protection.
How does a backup for Hyper-V work?
A backup for Microsoft Hyper-V involves creating and storing copies of data from virtual machines operating on the Hyper-V platform. In this process, Xopero ONE automatically copies files and settings of the virtual machine periodically, enabling the restoration of its state to a previous version in case of failure, data loss, or other problems. To reduce bandwidth usage, the Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery solution performs backups of only the changed data - this provides protection against loss of critical information and allows for quick and efficient restoration of the virtual environment.
Are Hyper-V backups with Xopero ONE safe?

Microsoft Hyper-V backups provided by Xopero ONE are secure. Xopero Software offers various tools to protect the backed-up data from ransomware, unauthorized access, and other attacks:

  • Limit the access to backups and data protection operations by using role-based access control and two-factor authentication.
  • Store Hyper-V backups in an immutable storage resistant to ransomware, locally or in the cloud.
  • Encrypt the backed-up data during transmission and in storage.
  • Scan backups for malware before recovery.
How to start using Xopero ONE’s solution for Hyper-V?
Start by downloading the free trial or contact our sales department for more information about custom demo versions, personalized offers, and implementation assistance.