Cloud backup and data security management solutions packed in one simple tool

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Endpoint protection simplified

Easily backup your Windows, Mac and Linux workstations and laptops - from one to an infinite number of devices.


Endpoint backup & DR

Endpoint security guarantee

In minutes protect your Windows, Mac and Linux PCs data from any threats - cyber attacks, hardware failures, and disasters. On-premise, in the cloud, or both. In the event of failure instantly restore files, and folders to ensure business continuity. Save time and money.

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Mac, Linux, Windows backup
Endpoint security On-premise, cloud (i.a. AWS, Azure)
Restore files & folders Super-friendly interface
Mass deployment

Super-friendly interface

Take advantage of the simplest, intuitive and data-driven user interface on the market. Manage protection of even an infinite number of endpoints as easy as just of a few ones.


Cloud-native solution

Use a single web platform for complex endpoint protection - no installation is needed. Enable faster employee onboarding and maintenance. Manage it anytime, anywhere - from the cloud.


On-premise, cloud, any storage

Local, SMB, NAS, AWS, Azure, hybrid, or multi-cloud? Use your storage, do not invest in additional IT infrastructure. Xopero is compatible with most NAS, public, or private clouds.


Plan-based backup

Choose a predefined backup plan or customize your own - choose data and devices to protect, backup type, schedule or use advanced settings. We cover all possible scenarios.

Workstation backup

Versatile endpoint protection

While company workstations and laptops store valuable data, employee error is the most common threat for businesses of any size. Defend your company with scalable Mac, Linux and Windows PC backup that protects entire PCs or selected files. Keep your copies encrypted on a wide range of storage destinations

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Fast and reliable backup by Xopero

Backup entire PCs or only chosen types of data in a few clicks. Take advantage of a wide range of enterprise-class features, policy-driven endpoint protection, and advanced backup plan customization to boost backup execution and reduce your storage usage.

  • Cross-platform backup agent

    Install the backup agent on any Windows, Linux, and macOS-based system. Store your data wherever you want: on-premise or private/public cloud including AWS, Azure, Xopero.

  • File backup / Smart Image Backup

    Do you want to backup only the chosen type of data? Or maybe in a few clicks protect entire PCs with the system, applications, configuration settings... - choose one or set many plans

  • Advanced plan customization

    Backup window, retention, schemes, compression, encryption, backup on trigger and much more. Backup as you wish, reduce storage usage, save time and money.

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Unlimited scalability

Do you run a one-man business, SMB, or big enterprise? Thanks to simple licensing and flexible packages, we grow together with your company ensuring you with enterprise-class features now affordable to every business.

  • Protection of each organizational scenario

    Have you offsite, multi-cloud, or hybrid IT environments? Multiple geographical locations? Remote workers? You can easily protect even the most sophisticated scenarios.

  • Scale infinitely

    Simply add next Windows-, macOS- and Linux-based workstations and laptops and assign them to current or new plans. Add new storages if needed and scale infinitely.

  • Optimization for an infinite number of endpoints

    Mass deployment, scalable backup, one-click security, group management, optimization for >1K devices - manage the protection of even an infinite number of endpoints as easy as just a few ones.

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Smart Recovery

Single files and folders can be accidentally deleted, lost, corrupted, or encrypted by ransomware. Make sure you can restore what you need, when you need and where you want to. Have immediate access to files even if the disk is encrypted or compressed or simply migrate your data between devices.

  • Recover from Physical to Virtual (P2V)

    Restore the disk image in the chosen format and create virtual machines directly on the backup server. In the event of a failure, instantly restore files & folders from workstations or laptops.

  • Bare Metal Restore

    Restore files, folders, and the whole system to the same or new device or hardware using a specially crafted tool and bootable pendrive to keep your business truly agile.

  • Extra-low RTO

    Get your business back online within minutes. Nearly-instantly recover your system or device and get back to work immediately.

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Super-friendly interface #1

We take care of usability to make sure you can easily manage even the most advanced features. It’s hard to say how simple and intuitive our console is but once you see it, you won't take a look at another one.

Independent web console

Have access anywhere with a cloud-native management console. No installation needed.

Data-driven dashboards

Powerful, precisely-designed dashboards combine ease of use and precise management.

Simplified view

Graphic alternative for device list with transparent, pictorial data for faster management.

Advanced device search

Immediately find any device using detailed search criteria and countless filters.

Easy monitoring

Track all actions performed in the system, stay up to date, make faster decisions

It will be a friendship at first sight!

Awards and references

2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
Ranking The best backup of 2018
Honorable mention Best in Cloud 2017 Secure cloud
Award Product of the Year 2017 Editor's choice
Finalist of 2016 Vademecum VAR-ów i integratorów Cloud Platform