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Office 365 backup now Microsoft 365

Exchange & OneDrive backup - on-premise or in the cloud. Accessible and recoverable.


Microsoft 365 backup

Backup Office 365 suite

Backup Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars and OneDrive data. On-premise or in the cloud. Thanks to granular recovery, restore anything, anytime to the original or different destination. Don’t lose access to your data!

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Backup Microsoft 365 suite OneDrive backup
office exchange
Exchange backup Mailboxes backup
outlook microsoft people calendar
Backup calendars On premise or in cloud
microsoft cloud
Granular recovery

Exchange backup

Protect mailboxes, folders, contacts or single messages with attachments. Restore anything - from single email message to entire mailboxes - anytime you need.

microsoft cloud

OneDrive backup

Ensure your OneDrive data is not only safely stored but also encrypted and protected from any event of failure and you can always recover all or only chosen files.


Backup Office 365 mailboxes

Choose one, many, or all mailboxes of your company you want to protect. Easily set a backup plan to ensure your SaaS data is safe and recoverable.


Backup calendars

Protect your calendars, events, tasks and notes to make sure both you and your calendars data copies are always up to date.

Accessible & Recoverable

Complete M365 backup

Reliable and flexible protection of your Microsoft 365 suite in less than one minute - on-premise or in the cloud. Ensure your data is accessible and recoverable when you need them. Manage it all in the easiest and the most intuitive console ever!

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Office 365 Backup (now Microsoft 365 Backup)

Protect thousands of users in a single deployment. Simply add your organization, choose data to protect, assign it to predefined or customized plans so backups will perform automatically.

  • On-premise or in the cloud

    Choose whether store copies on your local machine, in cloud - AWS or Azure - or both. Accomplish 3-2-1 backup rule and chill out knowing your data is safe and sound.

  • Plan-based automatic backup

    Set backup plan once - choose predefined one or customize your own - including data, storage, scheduler and advanced settings and it will run automatically.

  • Encrypted backup

    Your data is encrypted either during backup execution on your device or at rest in the repository so you are sure nobody can decrypt and read your data.

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office solution
office optimalization

Office 365 Backup optimization

We respect your storage - thanks to retention, versioning and compression our Microsoft 365 backup is faster, your storage spared and there is no impact on your current work.

  • Backup compression

    Choose the preferred compression algorithm and level. Ensure faster backup, less transfer and network utilization. Reduce storage usage with no impact on data compliance.

  • Flexible versioning and retention

    Easily set versioning and retention according to your company’s strategy. Store all versions, define the number of copies, or the time a given copy should be kept to optimize storage capacity.

  • Advanced retention schemes

    Set the backup retention scheme that meets your policy, size and strategy. We offer you a wide range of possibilities - from simple to most advanced ones. Forever incremental, FIFO, or GFS - choose yours.

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Usability and Central Management

Take advantage of the user-friendly and dashboard-based interface of our web management console. Have access anywhere, anytime. It’s hard to say how simple and intuitive the interface is but once you see it, you won't take a look at another one.

  • User-friendly management

    Organization, copies, the organization, protected apps, plans summary, detailed information, and event logs - manage your Microsoft 365 suite in the simplest and most intuitive way.

  • Unlimited scalability

    Scale up to an infinite number of users. Add or delete them from your organization and the backup plans will automatically adjust to your Microsoft 365 settings.

  • Simple yet advanced search

    Easily browse through backup copies using advanced search filters to find particular folders, owners, attachments, emails and choose data for restore.

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office management
disaster recovery

Smart Data Recovery

Ensure you can restore your deleted data even after default retention in Microsoft apps. Make your data accessible and recoverable from any point-in-time. Restore only single types of data or all organization resources.

  • Granular Recovery

    Take advantage of the granular, fast, and point-in-time recovery of only selected types of data - folders, mailboxes, documents, particular emails, or all resources.

  • Cross-user recovery

    Restore protected data to the original user destination or choose a different one from your Microsoft 365 suite.

  • Smart Recovery in Package

    Plan-based recovery, Bare Metal Restore, cross-platform recovery - receive our smart features in a package. With no additional costs.

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Why backup Microsoft 365?

Microsoft ensures high availability of applications but it protects your data in a shared-responsibility model. Data protection and Office 365 backup is your concern. Let Xopero become a safeguard of your Microsoft 365 backup, data compliance and recovery. We will protect your data from:

trash Accidental hard deletions
spider Malicious (ex)employee behaviour
cyberthreat Cyber threats
scale Legal and compliance penalties
fire Downtime
calendar Retention policy gaps
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Office 365 Backup - supported apps

exchange outlook microsoft people calendar microsoft cloud
sharepoint Coming Soon
microsoft teams Coming Soon

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2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
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