Xopero ONE for VMware

#1 among VMware backup solutions

High-performance, powerful VMware backup software driving your virtual IT operations.

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Reliable protection for the entire virtual environment

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High-performance backup to reduce costs and administrative overhead

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Optimized resource usage for the fast and stress-free data restore

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Multi-storage system - keep your data on-premise, or in the cloud

VMware backup solution #1

Virtually the most pro VM backup

Enterprise-class protection of your virtual environments doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Xopero ONE Backup & Recovery for VMware vSphere stands out with simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and reliability, meeting the expectations of the most demanding virtual and hybrid environments.

High VMware backup performance
Advanced VMware integration Plan-based VM backup tool
Entire VMware data recovery Consistent, image-based backup
Easy to use, super-friendly interface

Super-friendly interface

You don’t need any special skills to manage even advanced VMware data protection. We give you the most intuitive and data-driven UI on the market.


Multi-storage system

Xopero ONE is compatible with most NAS or cloud storages. Keep your backups locally or in a cloud (Amazon S3, Azure, Google, Wasabi & more) - wherever you want.


Plan-based backup

Get ready in minutes. Choose a predefined backup plan or customize your own to tailor VM data protection to your organization’s needs and IT operations pace.


LAN-free transfer

Reduce the load on your production network and speed up a backup with LAN-free data transfer modes (HotAdd and SAN transport) and no additional optimization is needed.

VMware backup software

VM backup simple by design

Complete data protection of your VMware vCenter-managed and standalone ESXi workloads that let you enjoy all the benefits of virtualization without any interruptions. Get started within minutes and take advantage of all enterprise-class features closed in the most user-friendly central management console.

Boost VMware backup

Create image-based, incremental, and application-aware backups of VMware vSphere and ESXi workloads. Set in minutes, reduce administrative overhead so you can focus on core duties. Have peace of mind with a guarantee that your virtual environment is reliably protected.

  • Agentless VMware backup software

    Set in minutes and easily perform agentless backups of standalone ESXi and vCenter environments so you can simplify and accelerate your IT operations.

  • Consistent, image-based backups

    Perform image-based backups of VMs, including all disk data and configuration files. Protect the entire VM and keep application data consistent in copy. Even on a working machine, without any impact on its performance.

  • Incremental VM backups

    Backup only these blocks of data that have changed since the last copy was made for faster backup and storage savings.


Stress-free VMware data recovery

Virtualization reduces the workload, optimizes resource usage, boosts the company’s agility, and enables better uptime. So does Xopero ONE Backup & Restore. We bring accessibility and recoverability to your virtual environment so you can resume IT operations in minutes.

  • Entire VMware data recovery

    Recover one or multiple mission-critical VMs with all disk data and configuration files to the latest state or previous point-in-time to resume your IT operations in minutes.

  • Granular restore

    Access any single file directly from VM backup or connect the entire drive to any existing machine over iSCSI.

  • Improved SLA

    Improve recovery time objectives (RTOs) and meet the expected recovery point objectives (RPOs) more efficiently by choosing Xopero ONE Backup & Restore for VMware.

Easy to use enterprise-class features

We do not provide you only a VMware backup tool. With our secure and safe technology, enterprise-class features, and super-friendly management we ensure you with data protection, accessibility, and recoverability so you can continue your IT operations at your pace, uninterruptedly.

  • VMware backup plan customization

    While setting a backup plan you control everything - backup execution manner, encryption, compression, versioning, retention, and more.

  • Long-term retention and GFS

    Use a GFS backup rotation scheme for long-term data archiving. Set up separate backup cycles to perform a new backup every day, week, or month. Store data for a long time while maintaining minimal storage usage.

  • High-level security

    Advanced AES encryption, SSL transfer, Secure Password Manager, and no single point of failure - we ensure you with the highest security level and data protection guarantee so you have peace of mind and can focus on your core duties.


Super-friendly management

We take care of usability to make sure you don’t need advanced IT skills to easily manage even the most complex VMware backup features. You use virtualization to simplify IT processes, so your VMware backup software should work the same.

Web-based central management

Manage VMware data protection anywhere, right through a cloud-native management console. No installation is needed..

Data-driven dashboards

Powerful, precisely designed dashboards combine ease of use and precise management.

Multi-level management

Easily add new accounts, set roles, and privileges. Grant or limit specific permissions to have more control over security.

Advanced monitoring

Track all actions performed in the system, stay up to date, make decisions faster

Super-friendly interface

Pretty dashboards, visual statistics, real-time actions - all at your fingertips. Once you see it, you won’t take a look at another one...

It will be a friendship at first sight!

Awards and references

2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
2019 Service of the Year
Finalist 2019 Service of the Year Xopero Cloud
Ranking The best backup of 2018
Honorable mention Best in Cloud 2017 Secure cloud
Award Product of the Year 2017 Editor's choice
Finalist of 2016 Vademecum VAR-ów i integratorów Cloud Platform