Xopero Cloud Management

Meet Xopero Cloud Management - your cloud of benefits!


Make money on remote data protection for all your customers!

Remote system and data backup

From a single file up to thousands of appliances - Windows, Linux, Hyper-V, VMware, Android, iOS!

Remote backup restore to any hardware...

available. From a single file up to whole localizations - where your customers need them!

Remote backup restore...

from any given moment in time. From a single file up to whole localizations - restore backup even from the last minute!

Remote central management...

of backup tasks & files. From creating backup up to reducing customer’s cost.

Choose & learn more about XCM benefits:

Backup everything on every system
Flexible protection
Instant backup protection
Last-minute backup
Reliable protection
Data access from any given hardware
Minimized downtime cost
Personal backup policy
Backup outsourcing
Backup safety
Vendor support
Full data control - anytime anyplace

Offer a complete backup solution

Windows, Linux, Hyper-V, VMware, Android, iOS

Define your backup scope

Offer a selective scalable backup solution protecting:

  • files and folders,
  • system images,
  • data bases - MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird,
  • VM - Hyper-V and VMware,
  • company mail - Outlook & Exchange,
  • System State,
  • network locations i.e. file or application servers,
  • scattered multi-platform infrastructures.

Full protection in 2 minuty

That’s enough time to 1) create customer’s account 2) send him backup agent 3) deploy it on endpoints, servers or VM’s and 4) set backup schedule.

Restore backup

from any given moment in time

Set unlimited backup points in time - even every single minute!

Enhance customer’s business continuity with no additional hardware costs!

Backup monitoring

Backup status notications via email let you verify and correct all detected errors on the fly, keeping full readiness to restore the data when needed.

Restore backup

to any hardware available

Critical data needed ASAP? Restore it (single file or the whole system image) to any hardware the customer has, saving his time and boosting his workflow.

System failure?

Let me get your data in 3 clicks!

Minimized downtime = minimized costs and stress. Restore your customer’s lost data easy and fast like the problem never occured!

Set individual backup policies

What, when, where. Adjust your service fit customer’s business needs.

Manage customer’s data security

From deduplication, through comprehensive reporting, up to selective single file restoring to any given hardware.

All the tools you need are here.

Data encryption,

cloud safety

Backup files are protected with AES 256 CBC encryption and stored in georedundant data centers, adding another layer of data protection.

This means your customer’s data are duplicated between different localizations - in case one fails, the other will provide latest customer’s data safe& sound.


We’ve got 100% customer satisfaction rate on Zendesk - leading customer experience platform.

Remote central management

Send backup agents, change retention settings, backup CEO’s mobile and restore lost data to any hardware available in 2 minutes!

Your benefits Xopero Cloud Management


Sell backup and protect customers from one place

Xopero Cloud Management is a complete backup sales & management cloud solution:

  • manage data protection for hundreds of customers from a single web console,
  • ensure backup protection almost instantly after purchase,
  • create and restore backup from any moment in time & to any hardware available,
  • maximize customers’ uptime,
  • create your own customers and resellers.

Flexible discount system

Top-up your account to get desired discounts!

  • The bigger your top-ups, the bigger your benefits and discounts for our products.
  • Top-up your account with the values described in a table below to get maximum discounts and benefits!

Get your starting bonus

100$ bailout for your first purchase!

Create your account and get your welcome bonus to spend on our products:

You also get basic 10% discount for all our products!


Work in friendly environment

Sell and manage without studying a new tool! Just:

  • Create your account in Xopero Cloud Management.
  • Log in and top-up your account.
  • Buy Xopero licenses.
  • Create customer’s account.
  • Assing purchased licenses to your new customer.
  • Define his backup policies.
  • Charge the customer.
  • Done! Repeat often to maximize your profit!

We’ve prepared a friendly wizard to guide you through the first steps!

Diversify your business

Increase your profits and financial security

By investing in XCM you support and grow your business with increasing cloud possibilities!

Xopero Cloud Management plans

So you’re just starting selling backup? Or maybe you represent
system integrator looking for a high-class flexible backup product?
Choose partnership model that suits your business best!


I sell
several licenses
per month

Your preferred plan is

  • 100$ bailout
  • basic 10% discount
  • basic benefits

I sell
dozen licenses
per month

Your preferred plan is

  • 100$ bailout
  • 27% discount on Xopero solutions
  • bigger benefits

I sell
several hundred licenses
per month

Your preferred plan is

  • 100$ bailout,
  • the biggest discount - 35%
  • the highest benefits
Plans Authorized Gold Platinum White Label
Purchase discount 20% 27% 35% Set it
as you like
Minimal top-up activating partnership level $500 $1000 $1500 $300 / mth
Xopero Cloud Management - customer and license management check check check check
14-day trial for your customers check check check check
Customer backup status email notifications check check check check
Central management console check check check
Dedicated Account Manager check check check
Your company logo on xopero.com check check check
Reporting check check check
Create your own resellers check check
Multitenancy check check
Free unlimited endpoint backup licenses check
Free unlimited server & VM backup licenses check
Branding check

Start developing your business with Xopero Cloud Management!

Create XCM Account

... and get 100$ for your first purchase!

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