Xopero ONE and QNAP NAS

Extend the functionality of your QNAP NAS and turn it into an intelligent backup appliance to protect your business within a few minutes.

QNAP devices

What is Xopero QNAP Appliance?

A perfect combination of hardware and software that allows you to create a professional backup appliance at a reasonable price.

  • Quick installation

    It takes just a few minutes to install Xopero on QNAP - and your backup is even faster.
  • No additional hardware needed

    Your QNAP NAS and Xopero are all you need to start protecting your data against any downtime.
  • All-in-one

    Safe storage, fast backup, disaster recovery, and central management - all in one solution!
QNAP infrastructure

Designed for QNAP

Double protection

Encrypted data can be restored from the current backup copy or QNAP snapshot - from any moment.

Few locations

Take advantage of site-to-site replication and create replicas of critical data on the other server.

Private backup cloud

Create your private backup cloud - your data saved on NAS can be sent to another location.


Unique DR

You can export virtual machines and manage them via QNAP Virtualization Station for faster recovery.

Easy migration

Changing your QNAP? Insert your old disc into a new device, and your backed up data will transfer with it automatically.

For any QNAP

It doesn’t matter which QNAP you have, as long as it fulfills the installation requirements, you can protect your data in just a few minutes.

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The perfect combination of the hardware and the software

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Xopero dashboard

Automatic backup on QNAP

Xopero QNAP Appliance was designed with QNAP NAS users in mind. Now your NAS it’s not only storage - it’s your backup server that protects all critical business data.

  • Immediate backup

    All you need to do is to install Xopero QNAP Appliance, and backup will perform automatically within a few minutes.
  • Double protection

    Restore data from any moment you want from a backup copy or QNAP snapshot - double protect your business from ransomware.
  • Deep integration

    Xopero takes advantage of the most important features of QNAP NAS, creating a professional backup appliance.
Xopero Management Center

Smart disaster recovery included

With Xopero QNAP Appliance you receive all of the components of our Smart Recovery - most cost-effective disaster recovery solution on the market without any hidden costs or additional software needed.

  • Smart technologies

    Our Smart Recovery technologies are now included in the license - you get it for free.
  • Business continuity

    In case of any event of failure, you will easily restore data and get back to work immediately. Xopero is the best defense against downtime and losses.
  • Use virtualization

    Start the system directly from the virtualizer - with no need to restore data earlier or to convert data into another format.
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Xopero Management Center

Centrally managed backup

Along with data protection features, you gain the central management console that simplifies your backup policy management.

  • Schedules and templates

    Set an automatic backup schedule. Even for multiple devices. Do it once and forget it - it will work automatically.
  • Central management

    Remotely manage and monitor backups, configure client applications settings, create new users, add new hosts and manage all services.
  • Restore data remotely

    Centrally and remotely restore data to any device and keep a truly agile business.

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Reliable storage, efficient backup, disaster recovery, and central management - all in one solution!

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DR included in the package

Disaster Recovery and Smart Technologies are included in the package - with no hidden costs.

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Say no to ransom!

Two-level security against ransomware - restoring data from the backup copy or the QNAP snapshot.

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Central management

Manage all users and company backup policy from one place -centrally and remotely.

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Automatic backup

Your backup will perform according to schedule. Even for multiple devices.

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Data under control

Receive email notifications and monitor backup statuses - react instantly!

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Few locations

Data saved on your NAS can be sent to any other location or a public cloud.

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Do you need any help? We guarantee it will be rapid - our support is 8x faster than at the competition.

What our customers say about us


Implementation of Xopero QNAP Appliance hit the spot. It allowed us to collect and secure data from servers and endpoints, along with the possibility to store them in a different branch. Now it takes much less time to manage all our backup processes – instead of a dozen hours, just one hour per month.

Jeremy Stevens

For the first time since 18 months, managing backups runs really smoothly. Xopero QNAP Appliance is one of a few solutions which offers centralized backup management and easy testing of DR policy - and it costs me less than 60 USD a year per working station.

I have one up to three computers

I have multiple computers

I have one or more servers

I have a virtual environment

Server Agent
Server Agent
Virtual Agent
Virtual Agent
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HDD image backup check check check check check
Smart Recovery technology tooltip check check check check check
SVS technology tooltip check check check check check
XIT technology check check check check check
Central management console check check check check check
AES 256 CBC encryption check check check check check
Compliance with the GDPR check check check check check
Data replication and archiving check check check
Windows PC recovery check
MS Outlook backup check
Database backup tooltip check check
MS Exchange backup check check
System State and Network Drive check check
Linux Server backup check check
Windows Server Essentials tooltip check check
Windows Server tooltip check
VMware backup check
Hyper-V backup check
Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing Licensing
Subscription Lifetime
Endpoint Agent Endpoint Agent $33/device spacer BUY $56/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Server Agent Basic $219/device spacer BUY $359/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Server Agent Pro $329/device spacer BUY $549/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Virtual Agent VMware $249/device spacer BUY $419/device spacer BUY
Endpoint Agent Virtual Agent Hyper-V $249/device spacer BUY $419/device spacer BUY