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Easy to set up, automatic backups, instant point-in-time restore, Disaster Recovery - meet shared responsibility and compliance needs.

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Why backup GitLab projects, repositories, and metadata?

Disaster recovery - service outage

Eliminate data loss with true Disaster Recovery to ensure fast continuous workflow for your DevOps team even if GitLab is undergoing an outage.

Security and Compliance

Meet your legal, compliance, shared responsibility requirements, and complete your SOC 2 and ISO 27K Audits successfully.

Ransomware protection

Empower the DevOps team with ransomware-proof workflow, and scale the security efforts across an organization.

Safe data migration and mobility

Seamlessly lift your data across organizations or different platforms and migrate your stack with no worry about data loss or disruption.

GitLab Subscription Agreement

Customer is responsible for implementing and maintaining privacy protections and security measures for components that Customer provides and controls. Check yourself


Meet GitLab Shared Responsibility Model

GitLab, similar to other SaaS providers operates in the Shared Responsibility Model. As such, they are responsible for the entire cloud infrastructure but limit the responsibility for data protection at the account level.


Maintenance-free GitLab Backups

Backup GitLab repositories & metadata
Set up in 5 mins - connect your GitLab or GitLab Ultimate account to perform a backup of all or chosen repositories and metadata, including issues, wiki, deployment keys, merge requests, webhooks labels, milestones, pipelines, variables, as well as groups and subgroups data.
Easy-to-use, automated GitLab repository backups
Stop wasting your DevOps time on writing a backup script. Ensure GitLab backup process automation and customization. Set a backup plan and schedule in 5 mins. Keep an eye on retention, compression, encryption, and more advanced features to adjust backup strategy to your teams' workflow.
On-premise or AWS S3 compatible storage
Bring your storage compatible with AWS S3 Cloud, on-premise one, both, or choose included GitProtect Cloud Storage with a preferable Data Center location in Europe/US. Add as many storages as you need to protect your work on your rules.
GitProtect GitLab Backup


On-the-spot GitLab restore and Disaster Recovery

Point-in-time GitLab restore
Need to restore your GitLab data from a very specific point in time? Just choose a copy and recover it to the same GitLab account, a new one, a local machine, or another git hosting service. Thanks to unlimited retention you can keep your copies for as long as you or your legal department need or even archive unused projects.
GitLab outage? Cross-over recovery & DR
With GitProtect you are resistant to every downtime scenario. GitLab outage? Human error? Security flaw? Use cross-over recovery to instantly restore all or chosen repositories and metadata to another version control hosting platform - i.e. Bitbucket or GitHub or a local machine. Instantly restore processes and ensure uninterrupted development workflow.
Lightning-fast granular restore
Don’t restore the entire GitLab environment every time you need to recover only individual metadata. Easily browse your copies, search for git repository data to restore, and perform fast, granular recovery of repositories and only chosen metadata.
GitProtect GitLab Backup
We protect all data that maters

We are the only GitLab Backup vendor SOC 2 Type II and ISO27k compliant

Customers’ data and its protection are our top priority. And our SOC 2 Type II and ISO27k certificates are a proof that it is more than words!

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Security by design - meet shared responsibility and compliance

AES & zero-knowledge encryption
Your data is encrypted with your own key and AES agent-side encryption both in-flight during transfer and at rest in the repository so no one will be able to read it. Our service doesn’t have any information about the encryption key - it receives it only when performing a backup. Moreover, our data processing technology makes it ransomware-proof.
Up-to-date audit logs & Slack notifications
Have access to advanced audit logs and visual statistics to track all actions performed in the system, diagnose errors and react immediately. Customize email and Slack notifications to keep an eye on data protection without interrupting your current tasks.
SOC2 and GDPR Compliance
We are SOC2 (on finish) and GDPR compliant. With our secure, ransomware-proof, and disaster-resistant backup and recovery software for GitLab, we can help you meet your legal compliance, industry requirements, and shared responsibility model duties.
GitProtect GitLab Backup


GitLab backups with central management

Web-based central management console
Backup, restore, and manage your GitLab data protection directly from your browser, anytime and anywhere. Powerful, data-driven dashboards, visual statistics, monitoring center, and real-time actions combine ease of use, precise management, and time-saving.
Multi-level management - admins & privilege
Add new admin accounts, and set privileges to share responsibilities among your team. Grant or limit permissions to each account to have more control over access, and data security. With advanced audit logs easily monitor each action made by each admin and keep an eye on everything.
Backup entire DevOps ecosystem in one place
Just one account to protect an unlimited number of GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket repositories, and Jira users? Sounds great! Our multi-tenancy technology makes it easy for IT admins to manage data protection of Jira and different version control hosting platforms and easily migrate between them with cross-over recovery.
GitProtect GitLab Backup

Multi-storage support

Xopero Cloud Storage
AWS Storage
Azure Storage
Google Cloud Storage
S3 Storage
Wasabi Storage
Backblaze Storage

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(...) I can set up a backup plan and have a high level of confidence that it is going to work.

The IT Director Wharton Business School

When we need to restore a repository, GitProtect brings speed, convenience and security to this process.

André Esteves Senior Security Analyst at Zoop

The fact that the platform supports Jira, Confluence, and GitLab means that we have one single platform for our most mission-critical assets.

Paul Knight VP IS & CISO at Turntide Technologies Inc.

With we were able to bring all our Git repositories into backup compliance with the use of a single tool.

Mark Pace CTO at Red5
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Enterprise-class GitLab backup features

Behind GitProtect stands a decade of Xopero Software’s backup experience what makes it #1 professional GitLab backup on the market. Get access to advanced features for free:

Advanced backup plan settings

Full, incremental, and differential backup

FIFO & GFS rotation scheme, full control over retention

Multi-level management

Security: AES encryption, No SPOF, Password Manager

Data-driven dashboard, stats, and audit logs