Smart Hyper-V backup with Central Management

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Protect your entire virtual environment with Xopero’s simple backup, dependable storage and smart recovery - all easily manageable by one advanced tool. Restore entire Hyper-V machines in minutes and keep working no matter what.

Hyper-V protection datasheet

  • Automatically protect your infrastructure.
  • Perform backup while your machine is running.
  • Launch your virtual machine for immediate use or restore it from up-to-date backup files.

Key features

Protect anything

Select and back up an individual VM, a group or all of your virtual machines. You decide which elements of your virtual environment have to be protected by Xopero.

Hot backup

Ongoing data protection while your VM is running. Set backup schedule once and after that all future backups occur automatically.


Xopero being an advanced solution is still fast and simple to use. Processes were automated so the backup policy management doesn’t take too much of your time.


Xopero uses advanced AES 256 CBC algorithm to encrypt data on source host and send it to datastore safely. Remote connections are also secured by SSL.

Free up space

Xopero uses compression and deduplication to minimize backup size and to keep the use of storage space in check.

Fast recovery

Get back to work really fast. With BMR you can restore data not only to the original location but to an entirely new one too. Xopero can restore your machine automatically, only after few parameters selected.

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