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Encrypted mobile backup for your Android and iOS devices

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Today’s backup strategy doesn’t include just workstations, laptops and servers. Now people life a mobile life. We know that your smartphone or iphone is a central part of your everyday. What happens if it gets damaged or stolen and all your data will get lost too? That’s why we offer you an encrypted backup of your Android and iOS devices to keep your mobile life intact.

How does it work?

  • Choose one of Xopero cloud solutions.
  • Install Xopero Cloud mobile application.
  • Log in to your cloud account.
  • Set new backup job.

Key features

Full mobile protection

Create an encrypted backup of your contacts, messages, calendar, multimedia and more.

Cross-platform compatibility

You can restore your iOS backups on Android device and vice-versa.

Highest security

Maximise the protection of your digital life with AES 256 CBC algorithm and your own Private Key Encryption - only you can access your data.

Anytime&Anywhere access

Access files backed up from computers, mailboxes or servers and many more - wherever and whenever you need it the most.

Secure Sync+

Xopero prevents from data loss and helps you to collaborate safely by providing business-class synchronization and data access. Now you can share vital information without worrying about its security.

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