Reliable and easy to use Linux and Windows Server protection

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Server data recovery could take quite a while and be extremely expensive. For how long can your business survive after serious data loss or downtime? Better avoid this problem with our comprehensive server protection for Windows Server Essentials, Windows Server and Linux Server.

How it works

  • Install Xopero on the server that you intend to back up.
  • Automatically protect your physical infrastructure.
  • Perform backup while your server is running.
  • Launch your server for immediate use or restore it from up-to-date backup files.

Key features

Comprehensive protection

Schedule automatic file-level or image-level backups (full, incremental, differential) so your server data and applications are always fully protected and ready to restore.

Faster image backup

Up to 97% better performance and two times faster speed. Now you can recover entire system faster than ever before.

Smart DR

Running previously backed up system as a virtual machine, in as little time as possible. Xopero boots the backed up device as VM with all the components of the backed up operating system such as applications, settings, passwords and all other data.

Simple server migration

Back up the old server to an image file and restore the image to the new device with everything maintained as it was: same data, ID, configuration, etc.


In the event of a server failure, just use the latest image backup to perform a bare-metal restore of your entire system and avoid the downtime.

Centralized backup management

Comprehensively manage and monitor backups performed on all devices that are assigned to the license. User can remotely configure client applications settings, create new users, add new hosts and manage all backup services, etc.

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